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1- Earn Online By Building Websites and Blogs

My first, successful and the Brilliant way to get online income is by creating a website or blog.

You can start it by using the free platform like blogger and word press but gradually you may need to invest in a web host if you get serious about this.

The most powerful way to make money from a website is the advertising running on that website and it totally depends upon the ad network you are using.

To make money from advertising, your visitors must click on one of the advertising links. These advertising links may include affiliate sales, paid advertising, Adsense and other CPC service, CPA programs, selling your own information products, and several other methods.

A question arise that how, what and where to start a website. There are many different types of websites you can create and it really depends on your own preference as well as what you have planned for the site.

However, one of the easiest and most popular types of websites to start is a blog. There are quite a few really good blogging platforms like Word press and Blogger that you can use to quickly and easily start your blog.

But the most important and first thing to do before starting your website is to research and find a good niche that will be profitable. Niche generally is a word used to describe the topic you are choosing for your site on which it is particularly based.

After getting the niche and preparing all that fresh and unique content for your site you have to know the most popular ways of making money through blogging.

In addition to ad revenue, you can advertise on your site with affiliate partners who will pay you when one of your visitors clicks on the link and signs up for the advertiser’s services. You will only get paid by the affiliate if a transaction is completed.

So how to get started?

Many of the Bloggers and website builders drop the idea of making their profession in blogging because they think that it may be very expensive for starting a blog or buying a web hosting and then hiring many technical skills and experts to handle it.

But it should be noted that this was the case of ten or five years back and now people can get a Cheap Web Hosting or Shared Hosting for them and run their blogs and can earn a decent income from them.

Today times have changed and now money, skills and experts are no more hindering these dedicated web-masters and Bloggers from Earning Money from their Blogs as there are lot of experts, forums, live chats, supports, etc. are available that are there to support you in getting all these and just get started.

To get started as a Blogger you can easily compare different hosting plans present on the Web and buy a perfect one for you which can serve you better.

Then you have to just install the software on WordPress.org and it will manage all for you to get started as a professional blogger and Earn Money for Lifetime.

After you have installed it and got a nice looking theme for your blog you can start feeding your blog daily or weekly and see the money rolling out to you.

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