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Cycling to Work – The Pros and Cons

Ever considered cycling to work? To some, cycling to work seems like a hardship on top of having to work all day. Why would anybody want to put themselves through it? Others swear by it and would never consider going back to using a car or public transport.

Let’s start with the drawbacks

Yes, of course, it can be hard to motivate oneself to get on the bike especially in winter when it is cold and dark in the mornings. It is essential to have bad weather gear to keep oneself dry. But if the weather is truly horrendous, there is always the option of changing to public transport for the day.

But what about safety for cyclists on the road? Many people state that they would like to cycle to work if there were safer facilities for cyclists. Security on the road is a major concern for all cyclists. It is essential that cyclists are familiar with the rules of the road, wear high visibility clothing and use lights to alert drivers to their presence.

Following the rules of the road and being aware of legal services for cyclists such as cyclaim.co.uk can give cyclists more confidence and provide support should there really be a problem.

So what are the benefits?

How long have you got? There are immediate as well as long lasting health benefits to cycling every day. Regular exercise will help with weight management, reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure, improve your overall fitness and help to raise your mood. Current research suggests that as many or more people die from physical inactivity as do from smoking or an unhealthy diet.

For many busy employees, commuting to work on their bicycle is the only way they can fit regular exercise into their demanding schedules. Cycling to work will, at the beginning, require extra mental and physical effort, but your body will soon get accustomed to the new regime. Once cycling to work is a habit, many people feel more energetic throughout their day.

Another major advantage of cycling to work is the amount of money it will save. Apart from the initial purchase of your bike, additional equipment and the odd service, cycling is completely free. Compare this with the purchase price of a car and on-going payments for road tax, insurance and petrol. How many more holidays per year could you afford with the savings?

Get started tomorrow

Yes, it can be hard to get started with cycling to work, but once used to it, few people go back to using the car or public transport for their commute. Cycling to work is easy to fit into even a busy schedule. You may even get to work faster by bike than by car.

With practice, one becomes better at cycling through traffic and feeling safer on the road. The more people cycle, the safer our roads will be for everybody as drivers become more mindful of others.

Carol Davies is a veteran blogger and journalist, who is a fairly recent convert to cycling to work. She is interested in improving road safety and increasing dedicated services for cyclists such as those offered by cyclaim.co.uk

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