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De-Risk Your Home Purchase with a Homebuyers Survey

A Homebuyer’s Survey or Homebuyer’s Report is a check that is carried out by a skilled architect. This provides a detailed and comprehensive report of the property for a prospective buyer so he or she can gain a proper understanding of the condition the house is in and therefore deduce a true valuation.

Here’s how you can de-risk your home purchase with a Homebuyer’s Report.

A Homebuyers Report

A Homebuyer’s Report is specifically catered for a prospective buyer so that he or she knows all that they need to know before committing to buy. A RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) licensed chartered surveyor or architect will visit the property and tour the whole house, collecting relevant information about the property and its condition. It takes around two to four hours to complete a full survey.

Things Included in a Homebuyer’s Report

A Homebuyer’s Report includes details which might not be mentioned in an estate agent’s description of a property.

Details of issues with the house which may require attention or repairs could be included; not everything will be obvious to an estate agent and equally might be missed on a visit around a house by the buyer.

A chartered surveyor can notice underlying damp or growing mould, or any structural insecurities that wouldn’t be picked up on by you. They can check the basics in terms of plumbing and the general condition of things like timber supports. This will let you know what condition the property is in and how long it will be before repairs or replacements are needed.

Easy to Understand

A good Homebuyer’s Report not only provides all the information you could want to know when buying a house, but it is laid out in an easy-to-understand format allowing you to quickly view all of the necessary details when needed.

You shouldn’t be bogged down with construction terminology or estate agent jargon but will gain a no-nonsense view of how the house really is, and whether or not it’s worth the asking price.

Unbiased, External Opinion

Not only is the Homebuyer’s Survey Report an expert opinion on the condition of the house, but it is external and unbiased, not one created by people with a vested interest to sell the property. So should there be any exaggeration, omission of details or anything similar, a Homebuyer’s Report will provide an honest assessment.

De-Risking Your Purchase

Ultimately, the benefit of getting a completely honest, entirely expert and comprehensive report on a prospective home is that it eliminates risk from the purchase. It lets you know if there any problems that will need fixing soon after buying or any underlying issues that will culminate in necessary renewal or repairs a little further down the line.

Buying a property might come with the risk that you’ll have a plumbing problem after a few months, or that you’ll have to pay out for mould removal services at the end of the year. A Homebuyer’s Report alerts you to the existence of any of these issues or failing that confirm that they won’t be a problem, thereby eradicating the element of risk inherent in the purchase.

Furthermore, it acts as a guide to know whether or not the asking price is a fair one, and does away with the risk that the property you’re buying is not worth the money that’s being asked.


In conclusion, a Homebuyer’s Report is a must before purchasing a property. It reduces the risk involved in purchasing a property, allowing you to really understand what you’re getting for your money.

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