5:33 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

Easiest Ways to Make Money on Twitter

With Twitter’s expansive growth, most of followers are trying to make profit of it. Additionally, since we are living in a recession, this makes people more vibrant to find easiest ways to make money on twitter. Following are some of the sites that can help you make money on twitter without spending a dime.

Twittad: This is a site that monetizes your twitter background. You can sell your profile background to advertisers. You can monetize your profile either by posting twitter account for advertisers or by looking for advertisers yourself.

Be A Magpie: This site helps you direct your sponsored tweets. Though most of people think it as spamming account followers, it caters to and is useful to your followers. This site’s campaigns are on a pay per click system. Hence if your followers don’t make any click, you will have no money.

TweetROI: This is similar to Be A Magpie except in money counting system. In this system, you will be paid even if your followers don’t click on your sponsored tweets. Just send a tweet and you will be getting paid. You can see instantly how much you have received from that tweet. Additionally, this site offers the facility to schedule tweets. Therefore you don’t need to log in each day and your twitter stream will not look so plainly automated.

Log on to any of these sites and start making money just by tweeting. These sites are authorized and licensed. Follow these easiest ways to make money on twitter to have some extra cash on hand.

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