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Emerging Internet Trends in Real Estate

The world of e-commerce has been ruling our lives predominantly. Now the virtual world is trending across the industries and real estate is no exception. In fact, it has already been sometime real estate is exposed to the charisma of the virtual world, but, to be very candid, it just reached the pinnacle with the launch of Housing.com…a map based online real – estate portal, catering to the concerns of residential properties dealings

Considering the conventional way of dealing with new residential properties, it’s always through broker’s mercy. The technological advancement has not of much assistance too, when it is coming to choosing your dream apartment, since the level of authenticity quotient remained below the standards. The scenario changed when Housing.com actually redefined the technological implications with their sharp business acumen through the launch of their portal wherein the people can choose their dream house from the available inventory across the country. For example, if you want to check out the new projects in Jaipur, it’s just get displayed in seconds once you pick the service and the city with all the required details including the communication particulars of the property enlisters too…

How the present scenario of Housing.com is different

Lack of Authenticity

Lack of Authenticity used to one of the major apprehensions of the people to initiate a virtual world transaction in real estate. By and large, real estate market transactions involve loads of money and people need a trustworthy platform to go ahead with dealings. Previously, there used to be real estate portals features properties or agents profile but most of them used to be fake or non – reliable. Many a times, a buyer has been promised with a different and shown a different one. There has been a huge difference between the promised and actual deliverables and expectations. But Housing.com has successfully eliminated this with their verified listings, lifestyle ratings and high definition photo gallery.

Insufficient information

The information provided used to be either misleading or insufficient. Randomly visiting properties is not only tiring but also time consuming…whereas now a day, more details have been furnished on the portal and undoubtedly, Housing.com has been the trend setter in this too. All the minutiae are presented with state of art designed icons; hence you are aware of what has been waiting for you when you are in going for a property familiar trip.

Not only for the properties, detail information are also been provided about the property enlisters too. Be it a developer or agent or brokers, their verified profile are also listed accompanied by their communication details

real estateUsing a virtual platform is convenient, since it is time saving, but conventional way of home shopping online could never been considered as a convenient because of reasons encompassing around the credibility factor which actually resisted people from opting from these. But, presently with the trend set by Housing.com has changed the big picture and people are also quite open to transact now and use the virtual platform to get connected to their dream house

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