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How housing associations can help with costs for the vulnerable

Anyone with a vulnerable friend or loved one will know just how important it is to get them the care that they need. From comfortable and safe housing to help with daily activities, the most vulnerable members of our society often need an extra little bit of looking after.

Unfortunately, this extra care can all too often put financial strain on both the vulnerable person and their loved ones, making everyday life difficult and causing unnecessary worry.


One of the best ways to help with costs for the vulnerable is to turn to a specialist housing association. Providing excellent care at affordable prices, housing associations can take the pressure off of your finances and give your loved one the support they deserve.

Taking care of vulnerable tenants

Unlike private tenancies or specialist care homes, housing associations provide a high level of care at a very affordable price.

By setting the rent as low as possible and employing a team of volunteers and staff who genuinely love their jobs, housing associations can give vulnerable people the help that they need at a price they can afford.

Vulnerable tenants catered for by specialist housing associations include the elderly, people with learning difficulties, those at risk of homelessness and women with children fleeing domestic abuse.

Consequently vendors just who will not demand a deposit through tenants but rather declare that that tenant gives additional lease installments each month for the complete level of that tenancy. Just the thing lots of people talk about will be the tenant is certain to get the bucks rear from the finish along with the long run commitment presented you’ll find absolutely nothing breakages.

This is deceptiveness possibly be suspicious related to giving additional lease installments similar to this, you’ll want to have resistant giving the bucks along with that you may have the money-back from the finish using the tenancy. Make sure the long run commitment boasts this, or perhaps a particular person, that tenant would not have any kind of way to put into practice the needs to offer the deposit went back.

After your deposit is just not guarded using a deposit guard structure, there isn’t a assurance that you’re walking taking that approach rear. Regularly be cautious along with imagine about landlords just who declare that a person spend additional lease installments in this manner.

Giving loved ones peace of mind

As well as helping those most in need to find a safe and comfortable place to live, housing associations also alleviate much of the pressure, stress and worry faced by friends and family.

Knowing that your loved one is well-looked after and in a safe place can make every day easier, giving you the time and freedom to get your own life back on track.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy housing association Suffolk and the surrounding area has some of the best in the country, though you should be able to find high quality care no matter where you live.

Housing options

Most associations will offer a range of housing solutions from renting to shared ownership and even exchanges.

This makes it easy for anyone that’s in need to find the home they’ve been looking for, regardless of their financial situation.

So if you or a loved one is looking for a safe, comfortable and affordable place to live, why not give your local housing association a call to see if they can help.


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