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How PTC Sites Works as An Easy Money Options?

Let’s take a look how these PTC sites work. There are loads of advertisers over net which wants to gain the visitors and sell their products or services on the Net. They want more and more traffic. Thus PTCs were discovered.

These sites charge the Advertisers to send more traffic to their sites. And advertiser pays the PTC site for you to click on their ad. The member joining these PTC sites have to click the ads served by them daily and have to remain on each ad for particular time interval, usually 20-30 seconds.

In this procedure PTC sites pays their members the portion of what advertisers pays to them. This is how legitimate PTC’s work. But be careful, if they are offering an extremely high amount for each ad, than it is most likely a scam.

Mostly all of the PTC sites work on the same pattern of showing the various scam ads of their advertisers to their clickers and once their clickers goes on joining these scams (by seeing it) they are more and more captured into these ‘spider web’.

Normally when you join the PTC sites they give you the list of clickable ads (5 to 12 in number). These are to be clicked and viewed for about 25 to 30 seconds. In the mean time when you are on this for 30 seconds you will read it and will get flattered by their attractive reviews and offers, hopefully then buying the scam.

These scams are normally get rich quick schemes or something along those lines. They will not give the list big enough to be clicked in a single day, but you will be asked to click it every day. That’s to stop you earning too much money too quickly. These PTCs give away some 1 cent per ad clicked and if a person clicks on the 10 available ads each day, he will be able to make $10 in around 100 days or 3 months approximately.

That’s not bad, if they pay genuinely. It has been seen that 90 percent of these scam PTCs do not pay for as they tell. All these scam PTCs also offers you to make the referrals under you and says to pay you a part of their earning. But I am still in doubt about their paying of the referral earnings, when they do not pay the actual earned money of the members.

Would anyone really spend that long waiting and clicking? Probably not, and most don’t so they give in. But that’s fine for the scam merchants because they don’t have to pay anything and in the meantime have probably made money from you if you were seduced into buying into the scam.


Also talking about their Terms and Conditions. All of these sites have the same rules. They can suspend your account at anytime without prior warning or explanation!

Go and have a look at some of the forums where people discuss their HUGE earnings. Check out how many of them complain that their accounts have been stopped or even those who SHOULD have been paid but never were.

I think that no one should get engaged in these scams. Also don’t even bother to look at these attractive and much flavored schemes as they can give you much but ‘Not’ your real earned Money.

I can just give you a precious advice that too ‘Free’! By my personal experience of about 1 year, I strongly recommend not to join these SCAM PTCs.

No matter what kind of great reviews you may read. You are WASTING YOUR TIME. In spite you should try some other ‘Genuine Ways of Money Making over Net’. And I think Blogging, affiliate programs and online surveys are some of them.

“Of course I had earned my precious $15 in one year, by joining around 100 PTCs sites.”

Which will be a great remembrance for me as my first “Free money making schemes” over net.

I think that is a great amount, for Wasting my precious One Year.

Clixsense has proved best for me and is making me handsome amount of money till now. You will be pleased to join this genuine PTC site if you haven’t joined it yet.


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  1. DrKeithCurrie
    January 26, 2010 at 1:19 am #

    Everyone have a hobby to earn money, but all person can't succeed. Because most of blog or site tell false information. So I'm very sad. Anyone can help me.