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How to Get Green Card in America?

Getting a green card in a foreign country is not very easy. These cards are the identity by itself and allow you to prove your residency in the respective country. Each green card that you apply for will follow certain organized norms. Therefore, the application process of a green card to USA follows a stringent documentation whether you are within the country or outside.

The very first thing that you should consider within the process is that whether you are eligible for the application procedure. All immigrants would like to apply for this kind of a procedure, although this happens to be a stringent one. It is important to remember that, without green card one is not eligible for a permanent residency status.

In this blog, we discuss the necessary procedures that need to be undertaken to get your green card and for the application process.

Various Steps in the process of Green card application

Consular Processing

Consular processing is the stage when the immigrants have already applied for getting a green card through the foreign consulate, but has not been given one. This kind of a processing status can be shown outside the US.

Concurrent Filing

If you are working in the USA for a substantial number of years, you are eligible to apply for the green card. However, this requires filing a petition simultaneously with an immigrant petition.

Visa Availability & Priority Dates

In case you are applying for a green card, you have to have a visa in hand prior to that. Priority dates are decided based on the availability of the visa for a particular immigrant.

Employment Authorization Document

In case you have been working for a while, you are eligible for work authorization. This needs to be explored in case you would like to apply for a green card.

Immigration Medical Examinations

This is one of the mandates before you apply for a green card. It is compulsory that you go for a medical check up to ensure that everything is okay. You have to have a clear idea, on the basic norms and procedures to conduct the medical test as required.

Affidavit of Support

If you are planning to apply for a green card, your sponsor must be ready to file an affidavit support. This clearly states your back up plans for financial emergencies that you might have. This arrangement gives an assurance that you shall not be requiring any financial benefits from the government in case of emergencies.

Public Charge

Please make sure that you prove to the government that you would not require a public charge. This will ensure that you are not a liability to the US economy being an immigrant. Proving this can facilitate the process of green card application.

Child Status Protection Act

Child Status Protection Act ensures that if you apply for a green card and have a family, your children are also included. There are certain rules and regulation in case of children who are aged beyond say 21 years. Therefore, you should know about the nitty-gritty before you apply for a green card in USA.

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