12:16 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Prepaid Bank Card Offers Customers Convenience and Ease for Making Transactions

The KAIKU prepaid bank card from Visa offers customers convenience and ease for making everyday transactions, as well as larger payments, such as mortgage payments, car payments or airplane tickets and other travel arrangements.

As promoted by several well-known news outlets, the KAIKU prepaid bank card offers customers many benefits, which include access to their account via smartphone, the ability to quickly check transaction history and current balance, make payments or send money to other KAIKU cardholders, easy access to Allpoint ATM machines and the ability to load cash onto cards through Visa ReadyLink or MoneyGram.

Prepaid Bank Card

More and more, customers are finding that using a prepaid bank card is simple and convenient. Sometimes it is even more welcome than cash with some vendors to use a prepaid card as payment, especially if they are low on change and find that accepting checks more time-consuming.

Customers can access their prepaid bank card statements, history of transactions and balance when using their smartphones since every major mobile company features an app to make using the KAIKU prepaid bank card easy while on-the-go.

This feature is helpful if the customer wants to make sure they have the correct balance on their card to cover a spontaneous purchase while shopping. Other benefits of the KAIKU prepaid bank card are that the user can add funds as needed to make sure they always have enough–or only as much–cash available to them at any given time, which is helpful when the customer is on a budget.

Having a security certificate does not mean a website should be trusted completely. A website that promises secure online transactions might technically hold itself to that promise, but also share personal information with third parties. Users can read a website’s privacy policy to determine a company’s stance on sharing its information. Some companies cannot be trusted to abide by their own policies, but in this case the user will most likely have legal rights to fall back on.

In addition, a reputable anti-virus and firewall program should be installed to prevent malicious code from recording keystrokes. Making transactions on the Internet cannot be entirely risk free, but it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of identify theft, privacy invasion, and more.



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