5:37 pm - Friday December 15, 2017

Top 5 Law Practice Management Software Review for Lawyers

Two weeks ago, a colleague asked me for any recommends on a good law practice management software for his struggling (but growing) law practice. As we run a legal blog, I should have known the answer right away. Sadly, I didn’t. Since then, I have been personally testing almost every single software you can imagine and have finally rounded my conclusion down to this list of 5. I won’t discuss too many details but I will talk in depth about my favorite one that really impressed me – PracticePanther.




  1. Clients – The core of the software. Everything lives and breathes within clients. From here you can create quotes, invoices, tasks, track time, add cases and more. This is most likely where you will get started.
  2. Calendar – The other main function of the software. Every successful lawyer knows they can’t live without their precious calendar otherwise they would be forever doomed. Imagine not knowing when your next hearing or meeting is?! Good luck staying a lawyer. You will get more bar complaints then you can imagine.
  3. Quotes & Invoices – Another integral part of the software. Quickly get the ability to generate quotes and invoices on the fly in real-time without having to wait for your computer software to catch up to you. Everything on this site is FAST, and I mean Panther fast (no pun intended, although I actually did intend it).
  4. Tasks – Conveniently see everything you have to do for the day and start getting to work! Have something you didn’t complete yesterday? It’s now overdue and shouting at you in BIG RED LETTERS.

There are many countless features I can go on talking about, but you should head on over to practicepanther.com and click on “Tour” on top to take a peak yourself. You’ll be quote surprised by what you find as there are more features for lawyers then you will ever imagine. If you’re serious about finding the right law practice management software for your business, you need to invest in yourself and make it clear how you will see an ROI from your time spent. The best part is, there is virtually no training needed. You simply get started in just a few clicks and are already on your way. They do have amazing support although I highly doubt you will ever need to use it.

Thoughts? Comments? Let us know! We want to hear from you so please don’t be shy in sharing your voice in our legal community.

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