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Trade12 Review – You’ll Never Experience Trading The Same Way When You Trade With Trade12!

Sometimes, good things happen to you unexpectedly.

I’ve never encountered the concept of trading not until I met a very good friend of mine again after almost 3 years—accidentally. I was supposed to eat lunch alone at my favorite restaurant when I suddenly bumped into this good friend on my way from the office.

He invited me for lunch. And since he was a really close friend that I just happen to lost touch with because we both led busy lives, I obliged.

What was supposed to be a lunch filled with catch-up stories became my entryway into the world of trading.

My friend happens to be a part-time trader while being a full-time financial consultant. He introduced me to the concept of trading. What it is. How it works. And then he recommended that I try online trading since it allows me to do the trading at my convenience. I am an event planning consultant, which means that I usually have very limited amounts of spare time and this trading thing seems to be another chore to add up to my load.

But when he told me that online trading is not that time-consuming and can really bring you hefty profits, I did a double-take. He said that the secret to successfully trading online was finding the right broker, and that’s when he recommended Trade12 to me.

He said that it was the platform he was using for most of the 6 years he’s been trading. After a two-hour talk about how our lives have been, and about trading (for the most part) we had to part ways so we headed back to our respective offices, which were just two streets apart by the way.

I was still skeptical about the online trading thing but for most of the afternoon I was working, it kept crossing my mind. When I got home, just to satisfy my curiosity, I fired up my laptop and went directly to the site my friend told me about. I also googled about it and everything about trading so I can further understand how it actually works.

I read every single information I could and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try. I decided to shell out just a reasonable amount just in case my friend’s recommendations were just exaggerated or something.

I started with the minimum investment amount of $250.

And that was what I consider until now to be the best way I spent $250!

I’ve been trading with Trade12 for two years now and I am very thankful for that unexpected lunch.

The online brokerage provide all the necessary tools like webinars, books, video tutorials, market updates and tips that make even then-novice like me become knowledgeable of every ins and outs of trading.

The platforms are also very responsive and easy to use. Throughout my trading experience, I’ve encountered minimal problems and whenever I encounter one, I always received immediate assistance from their help desk. The support team is very accommodating and provided instant solutions.

In its 7 account types there is a minimum of almost 75% and a maximum of as high as 500% when it comes to percentage of profitability! A recommendation two years ago helped me earn all these extra income I am earning today, and now I am making the same recommendation for you too!

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