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Why Are More People Investing In the Real Estate Market?

If you are looking for ways to increase your wealth, investing in real estate market is a prudent choice. However, before taking any decision, it is always wise to consult a qualified investment expert in this field rather than taking the plunge yourself.

Only such a professional has the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to you guide you in the right direction and ensure you earn adequate returns on your investment portfolio. Even when it comes to hiring such an investment specialist, it is important that you consider his/her reputation in the market and number of years of experience he/she has in this area.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar is a popular financial executive and accounting consultant from Los Angeles with valuable years of experience in the field of real estate investments. She holds the office of the Assistant Controller at Glenwood Financial Group Inc., a reputed investment company in the region.

In this organization, she is responsible for managing the financial and accounting aspects of company’s real estate investments. She says investing in real estate properties is a wise investment choice for most people because such financial assets has lower risks in comparison to bonds, mutual funds, stocks and shares. The main advantages of investing in real estate properties are as follow:

  • Regular and secure source of income

Commercial buildings, shop, houses, residential apartments and vacant land come under the category of real estate properties. You can earn income in the form of rent from such properties by entering into an agreement to lend out such assets to another party. Moreover, at the end of the contract period, you can easily renew your agreement with your tenant and charge a rent, which is equal to prevailing market rate. This is not possible in the case of shares, stocks and bonds because these investment options are sensitive to market fluctuations.

  • Appreciation in value and secure form of investment

Unlike other investment options, the value of a real estate property increase over time even under inflationary conditions. In the case of investment options like shares, there is a possibility that you can lose your money when the company you invest in goes bankrupt. However, there is no such danger in the case of real estate investments. Moreover, when you own a property, banks are more likely to lend you money when you need it by keeping such assets as collateral.

  • Tax savings

The most important benefit of real estate investment is in the form of tax savings. In many countries including the United States, governments offer investors federal tax breaks when they buy real estate properties in certain localities. In addition to this, it is possible for you to claim a tax deduction on the amount of money you have to spend to maintain or renovate such assets.

You even can deduct the amount you pay for property tax and mortgage interest from the rent you earn before you pay taxes on such income.  This is the reason why many investment experts encourage you to put your money in such assets.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar says that besides the above benefits many investors regard owning real estate assets as a status symbol however they are definitely value for money now and in the long run too!

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