6 Reasons Of Selecting Reliable Printers

It is quite necessary to choose a printer which serves all your printing purposes. These days printers are valued to perform a lot of home and office work. What is interesting is these printers not only print but have many other features apart from them. Selecting the right printer will allow you to do a lot of things with it.


There are certain points which are to be kept in mind before purchasing a printer which is stated below:

  1. Print speed:

It is vital to check the minimum standard of printing speed is passed or not. The minimum standard is about 10 color pages per minute and 20 black and white pages a minute. This value will help to determine the speed that is required by the individual. Taking printer of a good speed will help to get done a lot of work faster.

  1. Printer quality:

Another very important thing is the quality of print that the printer is capable to produce. This is measured in dot per inch. Printers should have a minimum resolution of about 600 * 600 dots per inch. Anything more than that is a good printing quality. Good quality of print will enable the user to present clearer picture.

  1. Duty cycle:

It is the capacity that a printer can produce every month. The better the printer the more the duty cycle is provided. Printers used for official work should have a high duty cycle as they keep printing during most of the working hours. The minimum standard is 20,000 to 25,000 pages a month for office printerwhere as normal printers used in home should have at least the capacity of producing 5,000 pages a month.

  1. Choose between laser and inkjet:

Both the printers are leader as per their own standards. The laser printer is though expensive because of its capability of becoming fully functional once it gets heated. Laser printer generally produces higher images as compared to inkjet printers. Laser cartridges are expensive than the inkjet as it has the capability of producing better prints.

  1. Scanner resolution:

Almost all printers today have the function of scanners in them. It is essential to check the quality of scanners before purchasing a printer. The minimum requirement of a scanner would be 1200 * 600 resolution where as if the individual wants perfect image than he have to go for 4800 * 4800 resolution. Scanners are very integral parts of printers as they allow to a lot of editing work.

  1. Copy speed:

Speed of the copies that are to be produced is very necessary to be high as a slow printer has chances of delaying the work to a great extent. Many work like e – cards and envelopes printing require very fast operation with a lot of copies to be generated which make copy speed of printers to be very high especially for office works. The copy speed of at least 25 to 30 pages per minute is a good number to get things done in a hurry.