Attackers Use Crypto Mining Malware to Target Gamers

Briefly –

  • Hackers are hiding Crackonosh malware in free games such as Jurassic World Evolution, The Sims 4, Far Cry 5, Grand Theft Auto V, and NBA 2K19.
  • Once users install Crackonosh, the malware utilizes the PC’s functioning power to mine digital coins for the attackers.
  • According to stats by Avast, hackers have used the malware to generate crypto Monero worth over $2 million since around June 2018.

According to stats by a security company Avast, cyber attackers are now targeting gamers. They utilize a mining malware that operates secretively for their dirt crypto game.

Cybercriminals hide the Crackonosh malware in fee games such as NBA 2K19, Jurassic World Evolution, Far Cry 5m The Sims 4, and Grand Theft Auto V. Users can access the games on torrent platforms.

After users install Crackonosh, the malware utilize the PC’s power to mine crypto assets for the fraudsters. Attackers have managed to generate Monero worth $2 million since June 1018, Avast reported on Thursday.

Daniel Benes, Avast research, told CNBC that victims could notice slower operations when using their computers or the PCs deteriorating with overuse. Moreover, abnormal electricity bills might indicate the mining malware operating.

The researchers said that the hacking process takes control of the entire PC’s resources, making your computer unresponsive.

According to Daniel, the attacker has affected over 220,000 users around the globe. Moreover, the malware infects around 800 devices per day. However, the actual figure might be higher since Avast notices malicious activities on gadgets that installed its antivirus software. Philippines, India, and Brazil are the main victims, while the United States experienced some cases.

The researchers stated that Crackonosh has multiple ways to protect its dealings after installation. They include uninstalling safety software and restricting Windows Updates.

As far as the location of the scammer, Avast believes that the attacker comes from the Czech since Crackonosh translates to ‘Mountain Spirit’ in Czech myth.

Avast noted the malware following complaints that users could not locate the company’s antivirus on their devices. The investigation led to the Crackonosh discovery.

Crackonosh indicates the risks related to installing cracked software. For that reason, you need to be careful whenever installing and downloading apps and software as a crypto dealer.