Austin Arnold Says These Crypto Assets Have A Great Chance of Trending Upwards During March and April

The host of Altcoin Daily and a crypto asset analyst, Austin Arnold, has highlighted his top picks of crypto assets which are on the analyst’s radar, and he thinks they are going to boom in the coming weeks.


The crypto analyst has mentioned that the ETH team is planning to execute their update Berlin, which is inclusive of gas fee usage optimization. This update is set to be executed next month. Austin Arnold further added that Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of ETH, stated that he had speculated the growth of 100% in the smart contract framework in the few upcoming weeks.


The next top-in-line crypto asset is Cardano, which is also a blue-chip crypto asset. Cardano (ADA) is a smart contract network which is owned by Charles Hoskinson.

The crypto analyst said that Cardano’s system has been evolving a lot, and it is quite different now. The Cardano of the present time is totally different and better than the Cardano, which was developed four years ago. He also stated that the company is the fruit of extensive research and development, which has been carried out consistently for four years. They had a transitional phase between Byron and Shelly, now having a possibility of issuing tokens, smart contracts to be introduced in a few months, higher inflation, and a growing user cap makes it interesting to watch.

Rest of the Anticipated Crypto Assets

The third crypto asset on the list is Litecoin (LTC). He said that LTC is preparing to launch the highly anticipated MimbleWimble update, which is very privacy-centric. He also mentioned that Litecoin is the 9th top crypto asset by market cap, and it usually performs very well when the market is bullish. He also claimed that LTC might show the most efficient risk-adjusted returns in the upcoming months.

Chainlink is the 4th crypto asset on his list. He shed light on a recent report posted by Citigroup, which showed favor to LINK, which is the decentralized oracle project ranked at the top. Other alternative coins present order-wise on the analyst’s list are Polygon, Skale Network, Sushi Swap, Cook Protocol, and Chiliz.