Axie Infinity and Decentraland with the Performance and Upcoming Growth Predictions

From the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2021, Axie Infinity (AXS) has continued gaining on its price and volume. The digital asset has been growing tremendously, which is because Axie Infinity has been a part of the metaverse. It is a new space that has been introduced within the cryptocurrency as a successful industry.

Although the industry has been around almost since the beginning of the crypto-verse, it has gained true recognition in 2021. Within the metaverse, Axie Infinity has emerged as the largest metaverse token, with a market valuation of $8.16 billion. It is also currently the 23rd largest cryptocurrency in the entire verse in terms of valuation.

It is quite remarkable that at the beginning of 2021, AXS’s price was at $0.54 per AXS. At the time of writing, its price is at $134.05 per AXS, which means that it has grown by 24,824.07% since the beginning of the year. However, the peak price hit by AXS was on November 6, 2021, when its price hit an all-time high of $165.37 per AXS.

Despite experiencing a 19.22% dip from hitting an all-time high until the current price, AXS’s weighted YTD growth has been 22,510.86%. This is again a huge victory for the entire metaverse sector as well as the cryptocurrency industry.

The growth chart for AXS from Glassnode shows that there is going to be a surge in support for AXS right from the beginning of 2022. As for the running month, the highs and lows for the metaverse token seem to be in the right spot.

The data from Glassnode shows that at the lowest point, AXS may hit a low of $126.27, keeping the sale factor in mind from the bears. It is quite remarkable that the bulls are constantly strengthening their investments in AXS. Keeping the investment factor in mind from the bulls, AXS may soon be to get close to the range of $200 per AXS by the end of 2021.

As of now, the current price dip for AXS is all because of the overall market dip that is been observed since November 10, 2021.

Then there is Decentraland (MANA) that currently ranks as the 2nd largest metaverse token with a market valuation of $7.99 billion. As for overall rankings, it currently ranks as the 25th largest cryptocurrency in the entire verse.

Decentraland started its year at a price of $0.082 per MANA, and as of now, it has reached a figure of $4.41 per MANA, showing 5,378.04% growth. However, MANA hit its all-time high on November 25, 2021, when it hit $5.90 per MANA. MANA currently has a weighted YTD growth of $5,133.42%.

Just like AXS, the Glassnode graph is expecting a surge in its price. However, given the performance graph, it predicts that it may be able to hit the $6.21 per MANA figure.