Axie Infinity Plans to Intensify Its Effort in Korea

It has been revealed that Axie Infinity wants to intensify its operations in South Korea. This was stated by the co-founder and growth lead of Sky Mavis, Jeffery Zirlin. The reason behind Axie Infinity’s decision is that it sees South Korea as a significant gaming market the company can leverage on.

Going On Despite the Ban

Sky Mavis is the Play-2-Earn firm behind Axiex Infinity. It is going ahead with the South Korean plan in spite of the regulatory obstacles in the country.

Jeffrey Zirlin was speaking with Cointelegraph on the 9th of August during the Korean Blockchain Week. He mentioned that in spite of the ban on P2E games in South Korea, the market the country offers is still one of the most significant markets in the world. There are tons of payers in South Korea, Zirlin said.

He stated further that the firm is seeking ways to align its game to the cohort of gamers in South Korea. He said the firm wants to also localize its efforts, for instance. The language barrier is another point of concern as most Koreans don’t speak English. 

Yet, a lot of top gamers on Axie Infinity are Koreans because Koreans are some of the best gamers the world has seen. 

South Korea’s Game Rating Administration has banned the release of P2E blockchain games. This was a result of the country’s anti-gambling laws. The government also moved to block Apple Store and Google Play from putting up such games in December.

Needing Huge Numbers

Zirlin said it’s going to be a matter of negotiations. It is still early with regards to the regulations. Zirlin also hopes that the rate of adoption of P2E games will make the government reverse its decision.

He stated the example of how Uber worked at the initial stage. Zirlin said it’s a matter of also getting the game in and once there is a critical mass, the government will have to follow the flow.

The project is still at an early stage and there is no app rolled out on Apple or Google just yet. Active Player’s record put the number of people that logged into the game in July at 766,000. It is a huge distance from the recorded number of 2.7 million people in January.

Right now, Axie Infinity just wants to increase adoption, not just in Korea but globally. It will do so by improving the gaming experience and expanding its ecosystem through new battle modes like Origin.