Blockchain Streaming Platform Audius Has Announced Complete Solana NFT Integration

As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow with a positive trend in the market, many platforms have started to take advantage of the opportunity. Music Streaming Platform, Audius now expands its reach by bringing NFT from the Solana system, alongside their Ethereum-based NFTs.

The platform made an official announcement on Thursday that the implementation of NFTs from the Solana system is now live, giving more than 6Million active users the ability to work with NFTs from the Solana system.

Details on the Integrations

Talking about the Integration, it is going to be implemented using the Phantom wallet, which is a wallet and browser extension that has support for multiple chains. As for the features, the profiles in the sliver tier having a hold of more than 100 native AUDIO tokens will be provided with the features. CEO of Audius, Roneil Rumburg, stated that this new partnership with the Solana system brings forth a new “NFT discovery layer” for Solana and while maintaining the level of usability that Audius has always provided, the “tooling from Metaplex” and the connection with the Phantom wallet has enabled the connection with Solana.

Metaplex, mentioned by Roneil Rumberg in his statement, is basically a marketplace that deals with NFTs, which came into the Solana Network back in June. The marketplace had received a positive response and was also validated by many artists, celebrities, and businesses.

Audius and TikTok

Audius has been actively participating in forming connections with other platforms. Just recently, Audius made an official announcement, stating that the music streaming platform is now connected with one of the world’s biggest video streaming platforms, popularly known as TikTok. This partnership helps to provide Audius users with the ability to share songs streamed on Audius directly to TikTok for the creation of short videos. TikTok has become a major player in the market. Launched bank in 2017, the popular short video platform currently has over a billion active users per month.

NFT Sales Growth

The growing popularity of NFTs in the market is not something to be taken lightly. Millions of dollars’ worth of NFTs have been sold on the market as the interest in digital collectibles rises. According to statistical reports from sources, almost $900 Million worth of NFTs were sold just last month, destroying the previous record of $255Million that was achieved in May.