Cardano Successfully Completes Its Block Production Decentralization

Cardano has recently undergone a nice upgrade to its block manufacturing division. The sector is now officially decentralized, meaning that the community itself is now in control of the block manufacturing. This move is just a small part of what Cardano is destined to become. Cardano is on the path to achieve full decentralization in its system, meaning that the community wants to be the main pillar that will secure the backbone of Cardano.

The next card that Cardano is about to play is that the Cardano governance and network will also be fully shifted to decentralization, carving the path to full decentralization in the future. This announcement was already something that had been hinted at by Cardano by studying their motives for the future of the crypto. The decentralization of the block manufacturing division took almost seven months to complete. The best thing about Cardano is that even if the block manufacturing is running at a slow rate, Cardano still manages to hold itself stable on the battleground.

According to the progress made by Cardano into decentralization, it is very clear that there is nothing that can stop it from achieving the goal. Cardano leads the race of decentralization and is thought to be one of the largest decentralized blockchains globally, managing to sustain more than 2,000 stake pools which are huge. Decentralization of the block manufacturing division also means that IOHK will release the grip it had on the block production and the community will take over and manage it accordingly.

The Bond between Cardano and the Community

Cardano developers expressed their thoughts about the upgrade, stating that this new step for Cardano is very positive as the community will run the division instead of a separate head, meaning that the community will surely help in contributing to the further advancement of the system. As we all know, there are many hungry community members in different blockchains waiting for the respective side to undergo decentralization where they can show off their skill and talent to increase the capabilities and the overall value of Cardano.

Product Director from IOHK, Aparna Jue, stated that the focus on block production was really high for a few weeks in aims to make sure that there is a hassle-free transfer of blocks so, now that the decentralization is finished, other matters will be taken care of.