Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Pushed Forward for Further Tests

Cardano’s Input-Output development team has announced that it is postponing the Vasil hard fork. The team said it’s delaying the update because there are up to seven bugs to resolve. Although they are classified as non-severe, the team would like them fixed before the update, nonetheless.

The Input-Output development team agrees that the development might be disappointing for the Cardano community. Yet, it says it is necessary to ensure that the Vasil update is properly deployed.

The Need for More Time

The recent announcement by the Input-Output team working to materialize Cardano’s Testnet was unexpected. The team thinks it’s best to delay the deployment of the Vasil hard fork. As stated early, a number of non-severe bugs are responsible for the delay.

As reported in a blog post on the 20th of June, the decision followed the team’s evaluation call. The blog post noted that the development team is done with 95% of the Plutus V2 scripts. The post equally said the central team still has to carry out some outstanding tests.

The whole aim is to ensure that the Cardano update works as planned. The post quoted the team as saying it will need a few days to finalize its work. The team agrees to be behind on its initial scheduled date for the mainnet hard fork.

The Input-Output team calls the hard fork the most complex program of integration and development. This project has required closer coordination throughout the ecosystem, the team says.

The Pushback on the Mainnet Upgrade

As reported by the blog post, a consultation will be required on the final decision with the hard fork. The consultation will be with the SPO and DApp community members.

The post puts it that the Input-Output team and the Cardano Foundation have come up with a new date. They have agreed on the hard fork for the end of June. Exchanges and SPOs will have four weeks for all their integrations once the upgrade is completed.

The team says it is a reasonable thing to do and it cannot be rushed. What should now be expected is the full functionality of the Cardano mainnet by the end of July.

The Input-Output team insists that the delay is to make sure the upgrade is accurately done. It agrees that it could have been disappointing for many people. had previously reported that Cardano enthusiasts expect the hard fork to help ADA token beat the $1 benchmarks. But since the news broke, the asset has sold between $0.51 and $0.46.

The Input-Output team has said there can’t be absolute timelines in software development. If it requires more time to be deployed, the developers would comfortably oblige.