Charles Hoskinson Says Cardano Is All Set For Alonzo Upgrade

Founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has made an announcement stating that the Alonzo upgrade is almost ready and will soon arrive accordingly to the scheduled set.

Investor and Development Team Meeting

According to Charles Hoskinson, the much-anticipated Alonzo Upgrade on the Cardano Network will arrive very soon, as the development process is showing smooth progress and everything is going according to schedule. Hoskinson said that the team ended an important meeting in regards to the progress of the Alonzo upgrade. Twenty-five of the stakeholders went through a large list of components to be checked, and almost every one of them came out to be perfect, so Hoskinson said that the upgrade is almost ready to hit the mainnet, and the process of deployment of upgrade components will start very soon.

Hoskinson said that a hard fork combinator will be deployed at the time of the running of the testnet and that the tesetnet phase will be one of the initial states of the Alonzo deployment. He also said that the testnet will mainly be a primary one and will be used mainly for exchanges, unlike the Purple tesenet.

Release Dates and Schedule

As for the release dates scheduled, Charles mentioned that the updates would be released in a sequential manner. The testnet is expected to go live on the 1st of September. However, Charles did mention that there are still some small parts that still need a bit of work in order to get rid of any annoying issues or bugs. The team will have to work on the weekend in order to find and fix as many bugs as possible so that the launch phase can be as hassle-free as possible and that everything will go in accordance with the latest version of DB Sync.

When the testnet finishes, the update will wait for the final deployment signal on the 9th of September, so if everything goes according to plan, the updates will start to roll over on the 12th of September. Charles said that this date could have been pushed further if the green signal was not completely present during the meeting.

Other Projects

The launch of the ERC-20 converter is another very big step for the Cardano blockchain as it will help out in building a bridge between the Ethereum and Cardano network for the transfer of precious assets safely and in a secure way. Its testnet is expected to go live this week.