Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten Believes Investors are Losing their Interest in Bitcoin

According to the crypto analyst Nicholas Merten, the reign for Bitcoin as the only promising crypto is about to come to a mutual close as investors are losing their interest in the flagship cryptocurrency, and they are trying other cryptocurrencies out there for the sake of investing. He believes that altcoins are going to become the new hit of 2022 because of how steady their performance was in these times of inflation, whereas Bitcoin was fluctuating here and there, having the hardest time getting its act and price-performance togEther.

To tempt his YouTube subscribers, Nicholas says that a strange pair in the form of metaverse index and wrapped Ether could emerge in the upcoming year to serve as a proxy for cross analyzing the performance of Ether with that of the crypto market. It is true that Ether remained the most significant cryptocurrency out there in terms of keeping its balance and price action steady throughout the harsh entanglement of the crypto market with that of inflation.

Altcoins and Metaverse

He says that metaverse has started off on a very promising note, and given the fact that Ether is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, the metaverse will likely make Ether its direct competition. He believes that this is the kind of stuff you want to look for as an investor because it is going to be popular, intensive, and at the same time rich in content as well. As more analysts would try to make their predictions regarding the next moves of the crypto market, the more interesting the game would become.

Other than the linking of metaverse with altcoins, Nicholas believes that decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens are also going to be the star of 2022, and anyone who simply ignores them or shut these out is going to be sorry for themselves when these skyrocket in the future. He didn’t say much about Bitcoin as he was more interested in the performance of metaverse and altcoins rather than discussing the flagship frequency that is having the hardest time keeping its head above the water as the crypto market fights inflation.