Crypto Firm Bitmex In the Process of Issuing Native Tokens Called “BMEX”

There is nothing more exciting than becoming able to issue native tokens by any crypto trading platform. However, this privilege is not enjoyed by the majority of crypto trading firms. Instead, only a handful of crypto firms are there in the world which are enjoying the honor of issuing their own native tokens.

Bitmex is also a very popular brand name amongst leading crypto firms in the world. The proud moment for Bitmex has come as the firm is now fully ready to issue its very own native tokens namely “Bmex”.

Tuesday the 21st December 2021 was the day which will be written in Bitmex’s history. On that day Bitmex announced the launching of Bmex. It was specifically apprised by Bitmex that the firm will soon be ready for minting Bmex.

Bitmex came into being 4 years after the invention of Bitcoin in 2009. It was founded by three founding members include first of Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed, and Ben Delo. After the announcement of launching Bmex, Arthur Hayes posted a tweet message in which he appreciated the team working on the Bmex project. Hayes commented that years of efforts have borne fruit as the project of Bmex is now complete and ready for some action.

For those who are interested in acquiring Bmex tokens, there are multiple methods of getting them. The easiest way is to become a member of the Bitmex firm by simply signing up and filling KYC questionnaire. New signups who will meet the KYC standards will be given a total of 5 Bmex tokens along with 10 tokens of Tether stablecoin.

Another possible way of earning some Bmex tokes is through opening up new trades at Bitmex’s trading platform. Another way is to send referrals and earn a few Bmex tokens against successful signups by at least 3 referrals. Bitmex is giving away 15 tokens of Bmex under the referral program subject to the condition that at least three referrals signup successfully.

Leverage benefits in the shape of Bmex tokens too have been offered to traders. For instance, a trader can invest 75% of funds while 25% can be leveraged on the basis of Bmex at Bitmex’s cost and expense.

Bitmex is however late in issuing its native tokens. This is evident from the fact that the crypto firms which were established years after Bitmex had already launched their native tokens. For example, firms, such as FTX and Binance, had launched their support tokens a long time ago.

Though the offer of giving away Bmex tokens is active now yet the tokens will not be transferred to eligible persons. Instead, the tokens will be issued to them only after 31st January 2022 and will be airdropped, as suggested by Bitmex.