El Salvador’s BTC Beach Receives $203M Infrastructure Fund 

El Salvador is taking steps to develop the infrastructure of two beaches in the country. They include El Zonte beach (renamed Bitcoin Beach) and Surf City in La Libertad. 

El Salvador To Develop Bitcoin Beach And Surf City

This investment is part of the government’s plan to develop its tourism sector. Both beaches will receive various upgrades, including road improvements. 

Bitcoin Beach, located in the El Zonte region, will receive some infrastructure upgrades from the government. This Beach gained prominence when it adopted BTC to develop a circular economy. 

The government’s investment will be used for building new facilities for tourists. This will ensure they enjoy their stay at the Beach. Talking about the execution of this project, Nayib Bukele, El Salvador’s president, said:

“Many people know the El Zonte as BTC Beach. We plan to develop an area of about 15,000 m2 to create a parking area, beach club, shopping centre, and treatment plant. This would help to revitalize the region.”

This project aims to bring about strategic improvements in the region to promote tourism. Additionally, the infrastructure investment will benefit Surf City Beach, also called El Tunco. This is a component of the second stage of the Surf City initiative.

To improve accessibility for visitors to the locations, the government will build a new network of roads in the La Libertad area. 

Bitcoin Revives El Salvador’s Tourism Sector

According to Bukele, the government will expand the 23km coastal highway to about four lanes. Also, it would use hydraulic concrete, which is more expensive and last longer.

Furthermore, the El Salvador government will have to spend over $203 million for infrastructure development. This also includes building bicycle roads, bridges, a drainage system, and other facilities. 

This recent investment is part of the country’s plans to develop its tourism sector. Before now, the president stated that BTC and Surf had boosted the country’s tourism sector.

According to reports, El Salvador is among the countries that have boosted its tourism sector following the pandemic. The income the country generates has returned to what it used to be pre-pandemic. 

President Bukele attributed the success to three factors. They include Bitcoin, Surf, and the fight against crime in the nation. Apart from the president, other government officials have also tagged BTC as a catalyst.

They believed BTC has helped to receive the nation’s tourism. In April, El Salvador’s Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, applauded the country for adopting BTC as a legal tender. According to Valdez, Bitcoin has improved tourism in the country by 30%.