Facebook Starts Ethereum and Solana Test

Facebook has launched NFTs for a handful of people based in the US. The initiative is a test carried out with creators on global social media. If it becomes successful, users will be at liberty to connect their crypto wallets to it.

Polygon-Compatible and Ethereum NFT Testing

Facebook said it will begin with NFTs compatible with Ethereum and Polygon. But when the testing phase is over, it will include Flow and Solana NFTs. This was made known by a representative of the company, Meta.

A Product Manager at Meta, Navdeep Singh, took to Twitter to state what to expect. He said Facebook is launching NFTs on its platform. He also communicated his excitement in sharing what he has been working on.

Going further, he said users will have a tab tagged “Digital Collectibles” on their Facebook. That is the touchpoint where they will have access to and display their NFTs. 

NFTs are unique tokens on the blockchain that indicate ownership. Users will have access to link their Facebook profiles and digital wallets together. 

They will equally be enabled to post their NFTs as Facebook content. This will let other users comment and leave various reactions on them.

Inviting Web3 Enthusiasts

A tech and media consultant, Martin Bryant, said Web3 is Facebook’s target. He said the company was aiming at giving a home to Web3 enthusiasts. 

The company has been testing different changes around Facebook groups. It is giving them a feel and look similar to that of Discord.

The Coming of NFTs on Instagram

In June, Mark Zuckerberg announced that NFTs will soon be on Instagram. He stated this while speaking at the South by Southwest event. He said users will be able to bring their NFTs over the next few months.

Zuckerberg added that the company is working on some aspects that have to be finalized. He said further that the finalization is necessary before seamless minting can occur. 

Zuckerberg had once hinted at some augmented reality coming to Facebook. They will also be available on Instagram stories through Spark AR.

Instagram had stated in an announcement about NFTs. It said that NFTs shared on its platform will automatically tag their creator and collector. The announcement equally had it that there will be no charges for posting NFTs.

Again, it will allow collectors to use their NFTs to create stickers usable in AR. The Instagram boss, Mosseri Adam, said NFTs are coming to Instagram for a reason. This is due to the growth of creators on the platform, he said.

He stated in May that the company thinks an interesting sector for creators is NFT. It is fascinating to own a unique virtual asset at this time.