Finance and its Variant Forms

Money this word alone signifies great strength and importance. Every sphere of life requires cash to be used for varied activities. Small family to a big enterprise every aspect of a society or a country as whole requires financial stability. Financial stability provides security and better chances of development. The financial balance of a country is regulated via its various financial institutions and their activities cutinized by a regulatory body. The importance of having a solid economic process ensures protection from recession and other forms of economic crisis.


  • Finance includes lots of phases. It is the backbone of every activity that enhances the chances of buying and selling activities.
  • The financial institutions provide loans to individuals and as well as big and small business organizations. They perform some simple investigations regarding the possessions of the person who will accept the loan.
  • If the result of the investigation tends out to be positive the loan is passed. Irrespective of state or private owned financial institutions, the set up is concerned about earning profit and carry on with its own business process.
  • There are many other ways via which loan are given away to the cash deficit individuals. Many small families in need of money for medical and health purposes or for buying a home or starting a small business etc give their jewelry away in lieu of the required money.
  • Once the borrowed money is given back to the financial institution with the applied interest the jewelry is given back to the individual. Apart from this, the real estate properties like lands, homes etc are kept mortgaged for certain time period to borrow money to be returned again with interest as per the amount borrowed for the required tenure.
  • Many online forums have also made provisions for lending money. Some of them have the unique features of helping their clients, with the facility of no credit check. A person needs to fill in all the required details online and once their identification details are verified these online forums give away the loan on the basis of car security.

Transaction of Money

Ready cash is utilized by big and small business houses to produce furnished products. As already mentioned above in case an organization is deficit in terms of money they can always take loan and continue with their daily process or other developmental process. The furnished products say like that of automobiles or costly Plasma TV sets, people take loan to but these products. Hence, buying or selling as we all know is an interdependent process further dependent upon financial institutions for fruitfulness. The financial institution bank allows money transaction in the following manner

  • ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

It is a computerized device which allows individual to withdraw money from their respective bank accounts. This has become a great help to organizations as instead of hiring employees to take care of employee salary, the employees can withdraw money from their bank accounts with the help of ATM cards.

  • Telephone

With improved facilities these days, clients of a particular bank do not need to be physically present for performing any kind of money transaction. The client is supposed to make a call at a specific number and follow the instructions as instructed by automated voice for performing electronic clearance of bills or transfer of money from one account to another.

Easy Access to Cash With Variant Money Transaction Systems

  • Mobile Banking

Easy money transfer is possible now with developed systems within a small mobile phone handset. A person can shop, buy tickets, transfer money at domestic and international levels etc with the help of credit card and the client personal identity number.

  • Video Banking

It is just like the ATM. Here a computerized machine with a video setup is accompanied by audio link which allows the client and the bank representative to communicate properly with each other for payment, money transfer, cash withdrawal etc.

With improved life styles and increasing market competition both individuals prefer to buy quality products and corporations strive to provide their target audience with high ranking services. Buying and selling has become important economic activities which help to determine the financial strength of a nation. Moreover apart from desires important necessities like education, home, health etc requires expenditure where any cash deficit is overcome with the help of ready services of financial institutions.

Description- Every country has huge range of financial institutions. These institutions help by providing their services to consumers in every possible way to maintain and attract more number of clients. Some financial institutions give loan while others provide the service of keeping extra cash safe accompanied with extra sum. Thus with varied nature and services they help to regulate financial processes, brick by brick which helps in intensifying a nations economy.

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