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Genesis11 Review

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Crypto trading was a field that wasn’t very popular back in the past. People were more into other businesses, and technology was not that advanced to introduce such means of trading. But after advancements in technology and the introduction of the internet, cross the border transactions have been made easy. With further enhancements, those trading means are now shifted on your mobile phones and smartphones. These days are capable of doing pretty much everything that you can expect from a computer. Crypto trading has now become a very popular business and has attracted a lot of investors due to its promising profits and outcomes. As a trader, you need to be affiliated with a brokerage firm such as Genesis11 in order to perform your transactions, and a responsible broker doesn’t only provide you with the platform but also provides you with the necessary help to guide you through the process. This is the particular reason that I have come up today with the Genesis11 review.

Before you decide to sign up with any such online broker, it is necessary for you to do your research about that broker, as there are many reviews available to help you make a proper decision. Trading is one of the most preferred ways to earn money. No one wants to work under anyone, as this is human nature to work independently and freely. But in this world, you have to be affiliated with a partner in order to exceed in that field, and that partner should be someone trustworthy. As long as crypto trading is concerned, there are many online brokers available out there who are claiming a lot of services and promising you some great profits. But as a trader, it is your right to look for a reputed, experienced and trustworthy broker due to their past performances rather than sign up with such a broker who is not worth it and is going to earn you nothing but loss.

Genesis11 is, however, a new broker to the market, but the reputation and services that the firm is providing are simply remarkable and worth trying. It specializes in trading forex, stocks and crypto trading services and provides customer’s satisfaction in its best form. It is a fact that you can’t expect anyone to be perfect in everything; the same is the case with online brokers as well, but it is in the hands of the trader to choose what characteristic can he compromise and what he cannot compromise on. In order to give you the power to decide the best broker for you, here is a review of one of the leading broker firms “Genesis11” which is renowned for its best customer services and security. By reading this review, you are going to have a broader vision to choose what’s best for you and help you through your journey of online trading.

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A short intro to Genesis11

Gensis11 is an online brokerage firm that provides you with a platform to trade different assets like forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies. By offering these services, we can say that the firm is committed to providing modern trading instruments which hold a very bright future in trading. Unlike other brokerage firms which provide traders with only one trading instrument, for example, forex or cryptocurrencies, Genesis11 believes in providing its traders with a wide variety of options to cater to every trader’s preference by just sitting at your home and working through your preferred gadget.

A concept that is very popular among experienced traders is “leveraged trading” if you are not familiar with the term so it is one of the major points that can make things easier for you in trading or even make them worse. Leveraged trading is basically a concept where a broker whom you sign up with is contributing money with you to help you maximize your profits. For example, Bitcoin is one of the most expensive coins at the moment, with the buying price of one Bitcoin increased up to $50,000. It is nearly impossible to buy a significant amount of that asset in order to get a profit, so these brokers that are offering leverage trading are going to contribute the money that is required by you to buy that particular asset. These contributions are pre-fixed by brokers in the form of ratios, as stated on their websites. For example, some brokerage firms offer 1:2, 1:5, 1:50 and so on. By these ratios, it means that if a trader is going to contribute 1 dollar (in the case of 1:5) so the broker is going to invest 5 dollars with the trader. The same goes for different predetermined ratios.

Now with that being cleared, Genesis11 is a platform made and run by professionals in the field. The experience of the professional broker is working simultaneously to help traders make the right decision. Genesis11 is a great example that it is not mandatory to be working for several years in the field to gain popularity. The firm is not as old as compared to other brokerage firms, but the services that this company provides outtake others. One of the most important benefits that Genesis11 provides is the liberty to trade from wherever you are, which means no matter in which country you live in, you can work with this firm if you want to trade crypto, forex or even stocks.

Points to Ponder

With a reputation as one of the best-regulated broker firms out there in the market, there are some key features that make Genesis11 stay among the top list. These features are listed below to give you an overview of how the firm works and what should you expect while signing up.

  • Educational programs

As living in a world of education and degrees, it was significantly seen in the past that in order to get the basic knowledge of how businesses work, you need to have a particular degree in that discipline. This made things difficult for people with low budgets and less time to first study a particular field or business and then start it. But in modern times, things have changed dramatically. Genesis11 knows the importance of your time and money and have already taken mandatory measures to counter this situation.

When you sign up with Genesis11, it provides you with all the basic knowledge that you need in order to earn profits through this business. This feature is not very common among other broker firms, and this helps new traders to get familiar with the field and how to work through it. It is a very popular fact that many brokers don’t help traders with trading. Instead, they just provide the platform and let the trader handle the rest of the part on his own, which makes it difficult for many new traders, but what is not known to many people is why they do so? Well, to answer that question, it is very obvious that those brokers are just working to earn from you. They don’t care about their customer’s satisfaction and their own reputation but rather just focused on making money from the traders. Genesis11 has changed the dynamics completely. The firm has even stated the risk factors that are involved in this field so that the trader knows what he is investing in and what are the worst possibilities. According to me and I am pretty much sure that you guys would agree from me that such an act is very uncommon by many brokers, they just show you the positive possibilities and make you dive into this field, but the other side is unknown to you till you face any loss, but till then it’s too late to do anything.

Other than the risk factors, Genesis11 has many ebooks, videos and articles to help traders understand trading better and make promising decisions.

  • Wide variety of financial assets

A trader who is willing to take risks can only flourish in the business. If you are one of those people who are afraid of loss, then trading is not a field for you, but if you are daring enough to face the consequences and believe that losses are a part of trading, then you must know that the more options you have in trading, the more opportunities of profits you get. However, with added options or assets, the risk of loss increases as well, but as I have said, losses are a part of trading. Genesis11 provides traders with a platform where they are not restricted to trade only one or two assets. Instead, it is providing its services in many assets. With the help of all of the speculations, charting graphs, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, the risks are decreased by a significant percentage when working with Genesis11.

As cryptocurrencies are relatively new to the trading world, while other assets like forex and stocks have been there in the park for a very long time now. The firm is also giving traders the option to trade cryptos as well. Whether you do have the basic education of crypto trading or not, you can sign up with Genesis11 in order to start off from somewhere, and of course, with the educational programs of Genesis11, you will be assisted at every point.

  • Versatile trading platform

As Genesis11 pays very special attention to the trader’s needs and requirements, a trading platform where a trader is going to trade through is one of the significant points to consider if you want to enhance the user’s experience. The firm provides traders with one of the most versatile platforms. The advantage of having a trading platform from where you can do everything from signing up to withdrawing your profits is that a trader is able to trade from wherever he wants. There is no restriction of the device that you have to carry along with you everywhere in order to trade.

Genesis11 provides one of the best trading platforms to their traders from where they can trade efficiently and conveniently. You don’t have to download a bunch of applications in order to perform multiple tasks. Instead, all of the services are being provided at one complete and user-friendly platform. Every trader has his personal preference when it comes to the device used to trade; some prefer doing their work on their computers or laptops while some consider it more convenient to perform it on their smartphones; with the help of the trading platform, it caters to every trader’s needs without even the need of downloading any application, just simply log onto the website and start trading. Even with the restriction of whether having an iPhone or Android device, windows or MacBook, you can trade through whatever device you have.

Genesis11 trading platform

  • Account options for traders

In order to start trading, traders first need to sign up with a broker. This is a mandatory step that every trader has to do before he can trade. But every trader has different requirements when it comes to the account he wants. Genesis11 exceeds this point as well and provides its traders with an opportunity to choose from any of their different account types. The services may differ from each other so that you can choose the account which simply fulfils your requirements.

There are five types of account from which you can choose. The most basic account option that a trader can get is a “silver account”. This account has been made for the traders who are new to the field and are not capable of investing huge amounts of money. The silver account requires a minimum deposit of 10,000 basic currency units. In this account, you are going to have access to the basic part of the education program. This part is going to include some of the basic knowledge that a new trader needs in order to start trading. Traders are going to receive training from professionals in one-on-one settings as well, where they can clear their concepts about trading and how it works. Other than the basic training, in this account trader is also going to get trading signals twice a month. For those who don’t know what trading signals are so let me make you understand, a trading signal is basically advice from the professionals who are constantly monitoring market trends and are going to advise traders where they should invest or when to sell or buy the asset. This is a very beneficial facility for new traders as well as slightly experienced traders who want to maximize their chances of earning profits.

Other than the basic Silver account, you have other options as well like Gold, Platinum and Signature accounts. The minimum deposits of these accounts rise as you go higher. For instance, gold accounts require a minimum of 25,000 units of basic currency to start with. This number is going to rise even more with higher accounts like platinum and signature. A facility that a basic account holder is not going to get is an account manager. With these higher accounts, traders are going to get a personal account manager who is always there to help you whenever you need him. Genesis11 knows that if you are opening higher accounts, you have been probably working in the field for a while now and that you deserve something special, and they offer it in the form of a personal account manager.

  • Customer support services

As online trading is all about technology and computers operating, there is no physical money or gold that is being transferred from one person to another. Instead, it is a digital asset. So considering that we know that there can be errors and malfunctions in computers as well and they are pretty normal to happen, not only that but the level of understanding of every trader is different because they all come from different backgrounds. In order to cater to every trader’s queries and confusions, Genesis11 is providing a customer support service where traders can ask any query they might have regarding the platform. The first step of clearing your queries is to reach out to their FAQ section, but if the answer to your question is not there or you want an answer from the team itself so they have also provided their contact details where you can contact them and clear out any confusion or problem that you are facing. The customer support service is there to cater to your questions 24/5 so that you can get in touch with the team whenever you want during the week.


If you search for the best broker firms on the internet, you are going to find many options, but the real question is whether those claims are right or not. And in order to clear that confusion, there are reviews for every broker firm which are going to tell you everything that you need to know about the firm. This review is written with the same purpose that is to help traders make better and wise decisions while choosing their broker.

As you have seen that there are some really great features and services provided by Genesis11, which make it a distinct and better broker firm than others. The customer satisfaction of Genesis11 is also a notable point that proves that this is definitely a firm that is committed to serving its traders. However, there are still some drawbacks, such as the minimum entry-level investment for their most basic account. Not every trader is capable of investing in 10,000 units. But it depends on you to choose what points you can compromise and what not.