Get Paid to Watch TV

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ReacTV is a startup company that offers viewers great chances to win money just by watching TV and interacting with the ads they see. This includes many games and each game comprises a 10-minute round separated into 2 parts. The first half is a trivia game that deals with ads and products and the second part includes watching ads and answering questions about them. During the end of an hour, a winner is declared and endowed a cash prize.

This website reveals the secret to make bunch of extra income every month just by sitting on sofa and watching TV. Anyone can do it sitting anywhere in the world. No technical skills and specific educational qualification is required. Watch TV and choose any commercial and perform 5 simple secret steps. Then forget about it. Whenever the commercial shows on any TV, you will get paid a good commission.

This is a website that helps you turn your television into an overflowing cashbox. You can choose your own assignments that may include home shopping shows, TV commercials, and ads. You can earn an average income of $12-$41 per hour.