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Global Trading26 Review

Global Trading26 logoThis review aims to focus on one of the best and advanced brokers, known as Global Trading26. This broker is providing lots of features that is why this review is going to be lengthy because, in this Global Trading26 review, we will discuss everything in detail.

When you are in pursuit of finding a dependable broker, you may have interaction with many brokers in the market, but there should be one thing clear in your mind that you would not settle for any broker less than the best. Reviews and opinions of experienced traders prove helpful in this pursuit. That is why I am writing this review, and after reading this review, you will be able to make a decision on your own.

If you really want to trade online, then Global Trading26 is the best option for you, without any doubt. There are some other platforms as well which offer the same services as Global Trading26, but they certainly cannot match the level of Global Trading26. The team of Global Trading26 comprises highly skilled and professional level traders who have plenty of experience attached with their names. They know exactly what the requirements of traders are, and they try their best to fulfil those requirements.

Just like other types of trading, in online trading, there is also a risk of loss. But with the help of a good broker, you can minimize the chances of a loss. Global Trading26 is one of those brokers that reduce the fear of customers and satisfy them with the best services. It does not matter if you take online trading as a full-time job or a part-time job to earn some extra money. Global Trading26 will be at your service in all situations.

Online brokers are an essential part of traders’ lives because, without online brokers, you would not have access to the market. There are a few other options as well, but a broker is the most suitable option to trade online. A broker is responsible for providing a platform and all the essential help which traders need during the trading venture. These brokers are working in the market for many years now; that is why they better understand the trends and sentiment of the market. With the help of a good broker, even a new trader with little knowledge of trading can also earn money.

Global Trading26 website

Now, let us quickly dive into Global Trading26 and check its features which make it better and different from other platforms.

A Trustable Broker

There will be many questions in your mind if you are new to the field of online trading. You will get confused, and making a decision will be tough, but this is quite normal because it happens with every newcomer. In normal (physical) trading, you know your broker personally, and you can have face to face conversations with him, and in this way, you can befriend him too. In the case of online trading, things are completely different. There is a possibility that you may never get a chance to see your broker. That is why you need to engage with a trustable broker like Global Trading26 to ensure the safety of your money.

There are many other brokerage platforms that offer the same features, and some of them might impress you too. But you need to understand that every broker is not trustable and legitimate. You should never attach with a broker who does not have a good name among other traders. On the other side, there are plentiful reviews and testimonials which prove that Global Trading26 is one of the best brokerages which provide everything which it advertises. That is why its traders are happy with its services and do not want to leave it at any cost.

Wide Range Of Instruments

When we observe the market, we find out that traders want to trade many instruments at the same time. For instance, if a trader wants to invest his money in stocks and at the same time he wants to buy digital currency as well, how can he pursue both his dreams? The answer is Global Trading26. It offers a vast collection of trading instruments from which you can choose as many as you want. Unluckily, there are only a few versatile platforms, and the rest of them provide only one asset. In this way, the helper itself becomes a hurdle in the way of success.

If you are unaware of the importance of multiple trading instruments, then let me shed some light on this topic as well. Suppose, if a trader invests his all capital in the stock market and the market cripples, he would have to bear the great loss, which will be not easy to recover. Now think the opposite way, if the same trader invests his capital in different trading instruments and the stock market goes down, then the loss incurred by stocks can be recovered by the gains of other instruments. This is the reason that seasoned traders prefer to invest their money in multiple trading instruments. Global Trading26 has made this easy and convenient for every trader. It is providing multiple instruments for trading at one place so you can trade different instruments at the same time. In other words, you would not have to become a part of other platforms to trade your favourite assets.

Now, let’s come towards the trading assets provided by Global Trading26. First of all, is the stock market. The stock market is one of the pioneer trading markets. Thousands of traders are already working in this market, and now, with the advancement in technology, this has become more convenient as you can do it by sitting in your bedroom. Global Trading26 offers shares of multinational companies which rarely go down and possess a high potential for growth.

The second instrument offered by Global Trading26 is Forex. Foreign exchange is a lucrative market where traders buy and sell currencies of different countries to earn profit. The market value of these currencies constantly fluctuates. That is why traders earn profit. Global Trading26 provides an opportunity to trade various pairs of currencies to trade effectively.

Cryptocurrencies are the talk of the town now a day. The first digital currency was founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, which is known as Bitcoin. With the advent of time, the number of total digital currencies has crossed 5000 figures recently, which explains the extent of its popularity. If you want to set foot in this profitable market, then Global Trading26 will help you in this also.

The next trading instrument offered by Global Trading26 is indices. Deeply monitoring price changes of specific items to buy at the right time is known as indices. This takes wide knowledge and reasonable experience to settle in this market. If you want to enter this market, then Global Trading26 will support you with its trading signals which keep the traders informed.

The last trading instrument offered by Global Trading26 is commodities. In this type of trading, people invest in common usage things such as oil, gold and food items. These things are easy to sell, and the risk of a decrease in price is very less because, with the increase in population, their demand keeps on increasing.

If you want to invest in any of these trading instruments, then Global Trading26 is, without any doubt, the most suitable option for you.

Global Trading26 trading instruments

Customer Support Center

The importance of a customer support centre is the same as that of a pillar under a roof. A platform’s operations cannot run smoothly without the support of a customer care centre. Suppose if you are trading through a platform, and an error occurs, or a question arises in your mind, and there is no facility of customer support service as well. What will you do in such a grim situation to get help? Many traders had to face this type of situation when they were fascinated from big names, but when they started trading with the platform, they came to know that there is no facility of customer support service or if there is a customer support facility, it is unresponsive.

Global Trading26 has not compromised on this facility, and that is why a separate team of professionals has been assigned this task of replying to the customers. Although the trading platform of Global Trading26 is free of all types of errors and glitches, still it has not taken it lightly and provides top-class customer support service. You can contact Global Trading26 in multiple ways.

First of all, you can contact the customer support team by using the contact form provided on the website. This is the most convenient way of contacting the broker. This contact form can be used for different requirements. If you have any questions of general nature in mind, you can click on the customer support option. If you need assistance to understand the features of the platform, then you can mark the option of trading platform assistance. Customers’ feedback is of great importance for the platform because it helps to improve further. If you want to provide feedback, then mark the General feedback option, which will be listed on the third number in the contact form. The last is for filing a complaint. If you face any problem and want it to be resolved, then use this last option.

Apart from the option of a contact form, Global Trading26 can be reached by using the email and phone number option as well. Phone numbers and email addresses are already listed on the website. One contact number can sometimes not be reachable. That is why the platform has provided two numbers separate offices. One number belongs to the UK based office while the second number is Australian. The timings of the call centre and chat support vary from each other. Emails are replied to from Monday to Friday between 07:00 AM to 02:00 PM GMT. Phone numbers, on the other hand, are reachable between 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM GMT on all the working days.

Uncompromising Security Feature

If you use the internet frequently, you would already know that it is a vulnerable place. It was developed with the sole purpose to connect you with the rest of the far-fetched world, but your security becomes at risk. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common with every passing day. In this situation, it becomes the duty of brokers to provide security to their customers at all costs. Unfortunately, security is not given priority by ordinary brokers. Global Trading26 is not like these brokers because it provides guaranteed security to all its customers.

Global Trading26 has implemented two separate policies to ensure the safety of its customers. The first policy in this regard is the Know Your Customer policy which is usually known as KYC. This policy makes sure that customers provide valid proof of their residence and identity. Pictures of identity cards, credit or utility bills can be used as proof because no other proofs are accepted by Global Trading26. This policy gives good results in keeping unauthorized persons away from the platform.

The second policy implemented by Global Trading26 is Anti Money Laundering which is commonly known as AML policy. It is also very useful to restrict illegal activities from taking place on the platform. In many instances, criminals have laundered their money through trading platforms, but it was only made possible because of negligence on the part of the brokers. In the presence of a good broker like Global Trading26, money laundering is not possible. That is why you do not need to worry about this issue.

During the registration process of Global Trading26, you will see that you would have to provide both your personal as well as financial information. This information includes your complete name, address, bank account details etc. This information would be kept secure from all the possible threats. Global Trading26 has installed the latest technology available in the tech world for encryption of the information so that its customers remain tension free. If you are in search of a safe and reliable brokerage platform, then Global Trading26 is offering all the services under one roof, and you can rely on it with peace of mind.

Account Types Offered By Global Trading26

Every trader possesses a different level of experience. Newcomers are still in the learning phase, while experienced traders know the basics very well but keep digging to explore more tricks and skills. To match the needs of all traders, Global Trading26 offers multiple account types. These account types start from the different limits of the initial deposit. Let’s quickly go through some of the basic features being offered in these account types.

  1. Silver Account

The first type of account is specially designed to meet the requirements of beginners. This account type, which is known as the silver account, is developed for newcomers who have recently joined the trading business and want to excel in this field. These traders do not have heavy amounts of money to invest, which is why the minimum limit is kept very low. If you only have 10k Euros in your possession, then congratulations because you are eligible to open an account on one of the best brokerage platforms. The silver account includes 1:20 leverage. In addition, trading signals are also provided in this very basic type of accounts.

  1. Gold Account

The second account type offered by Global Trading26 is the Gold account. This account can be owned by depositing any amount between 20k to 100k Euros. This account better suits intermediate traders who already have a basic know-how of the trading market. The gold account includes 1:40 leverage. Other fascinating features of a gold account include withdrawal approval within five days, a money management plan and many more.

  1. Platinum Account

The next amazing account offered by Global Trading26 is a platinum account. It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of professional traders. A minimum deposit of 100k Euros is required for the Platinum account. It includes leverage of 1:60. Along with all the features of the silver and gold account, additional features such as withdrawal approval in three days are included in this account.

  1. Diamond Account

The diamond account is the fourth type of account offered by Global Trading26. This account is created for experienced traders who have at least three years of experience in the relevant field. This account can be opened by depositing at least 200k Euros, but in response, many features are provided, such as only two days withdrawal time, an account manager and one on one educational program.

  1. VIP Account

The fifth and last type of account offered by Global Trading26 is the VIP account. This account is specifically designed to provide a luxurious trading experience. This account requires big deposit money to get started. The minimum limit is 500k Euros, while there is no upper limit. Some amazing features of the VIP account include 1:150 leverage, VIP mentorship programs and withdrawal approval within a few hours. I am sure that among these five account types, you will find an account that will be most suitable for you.

Final Words

In this review, I have tried to cover all the features of Global Trading26, but there is a possibility that I may have skipped some features unintentionally, but I am sure that the features I have already discussed are enough for you to make a decision. If you agree with my opinion, then reach this platform and get yourself registered with this brokerage firm.