Hackers Target Telegram Users Using Echelon Malware

Blockchain technology has been able to make significant contributions to the Fintech industry. However, some threat actors are using the technology for malicious reasons. One such virus recently attacked the social media application Telegram.

According to the report by CyberCriminals, the hackers are using Echelon malware to intercept personal information and more details from the users. The malware is going to take advantage of the auto-download feature on the application that many users prefer to keep activated.

Many users keep the auto-download feature on their Telegram account active. The Echelon virus can take advantage of the feature and enter into the user’s personal network without their permission or knowledge. The malware has been dubbed Smoke night.

Once the virus has successfully entered the computer or mobile phone of the affected users, it can collect personal data contacts and even take screenshots. All of the personal information is a violation of the privacy of the Telegram users, and the management has issued an official warning to their consumers for turning the auto-download off until further notice.

Atlas VPN recently shared a detailed report on the number of cyber-attacks and malware scams noticed around the globe. The report suggests that the biggest margin of cryptocurrency theft occurred in the 3rd quarter of 2021. There have been around 146 hack attempts during the first three quarters of the current year.

Digital currency investors from the United States lost somewhere around $3.5 million alone during the same period. It is worth noting that as the year-end approaches, an alarming 20% increase in the total number of scams and hack attempts were noticed by the authorities. It is also a grave matter of concern that most crypto-heists are impossible to report for an average crypto trader. People do not have cyber police ready for them to turn to in case of an online mishap.