How To Use Real Time Bidding In Your Online Campaigns?

Internet has literally taken over the world in the last 5-6 years and with a huge volume of users across the world, it has become evident that internet is the marketplace of the future. When working on your campaigns to promote your product or service, it is important to make best use of the money you are investing for your advertisements. As internet technology has evolved over the years and is now more easily available to more and more users the online marketing business has also turned from what was simply a business that runs through the static advertisements and various clicks and views that pay off to video and flash advertisements.

real time biddingHow Real Time Bidding Works with Online Marketing?

Real time bidding basically works on the simple principle of putting the ad of the highest bidder in front of the internet users across the globe. To increase the number of traffic to your website you need to make people aware of your presence online. RTB has the best chance of displaying your advertisement in front of the masses. RTB is definitely not a part of the marketing strategy when you know how to target the right audience. With all the data for analysis putting your advertisement in front of the user is just a matter of well calculated statistics.

Each advertisement that a user sees is very well be target to a specific user group based on the similarity in the internet behavior. The similarity in behavior can be due to both regional and interest related. Based on a particular users IP data and usage history, these parameters can easily be defined through the analysis of the data. The advertisers can make sure a specific group of users sees their advertisement by matching their placements with the various parameters. This not only saves the time each advertiser has to spend looking for the right people to view their ads but also the money as the charges are only tallied once and ad is placed in front of the viewers.

Why Real Time Bidding?

Finding the right content site is also equally important and RTB provides only the best type of ad inventory to the advertisers. One can go about paying endlessly for impressions after impression without getting a single result due to the static ad model on poor websites. We all know that the advertisers want to work with sites that make their ad visible to as many users as possible within a particular user group. No one is interesting in websites that have generic users that won’t click through any advertisement. Advertisers are more willing to pay for the impressions as compared to paying for each click through. Impressions work the best when the targeted audience sees a relevant advertisement. It is highly frustrating for advertisers to wait for the click through that might not necessarily come.

RTB enables the advertisers across the globe to buy various ads that are displayed to the various users in different geographic locations and across several languages. More than $1.3 billon has been already invested in the RTB market in the last 2 years and it will continue to grow as the market becomes more and more diversified.


The current era can certainly be called the era prior to a big bang in the world of marketing and has very well transitioned from being a paper and pen based industry to a massively automated buying and selling market. Believe it or not but the global RTB spend is expected to rise at a rate of 50% each year and is expected to cross $20 billon by the year 2017. For more information about RTB and online marketing you can also visit websites like and many more.

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