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Interacinvestor Review

Interacinvestor logoAfter careful contemplation, it had decided to try my luck in the trading sphere and I was aware that I needed a good broker to do so.

While there were tons of options available, all promising top-notch services, I was looking for one that could specially cater to beginner traders because I was just starting out.

I came across Interacinvestor and it instantly appealed to me because of its offerings.

I will share my personal experience with Interacinvestor to help you see how it managed to fulfill my requirements, which enabled me to enjoy my online trading experience.

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The educational resources

First things first, what caught my eye at was the extensive array of educational resources the broker was offering.

Online trading can be quite daunting when you are a beginner because there is a lot of risk involved. While there are plenty of resources available over the internet, not all of them are accurate, reliable and up-to-date.

This is where Interacinvestor was helpful because they were offering lots of educational resources that could provide guidance about different strategies. There were tutorials by experts and the webinars were also very insightful. These resources came in handy for developing a good trading strategy that proved to be quite profitable for me.

The account options

Another feature that appealed to me at Interacinvestor was the variety they were offering in terms of account options. It is a given that when you are getting started, you do not want to invest all your money and wish to take things slow.

The account options that are available here give you the flexibility of doing so. The different options have been developed to ensure that every trader can find an account in accordance with their preferences.

The account options targeting beginners come with very small deposit requirements and has equipped them with the tools and resources that newbies need to help them in navigating the online trading market.

I found them immensely useful and was able to take advantage of them to polish my strategy in order to make smarter decisions that benefitted my portfolio.

The security features

Online trading is very convenient, but there are risks involved. I did not wish to have my money or my personal information fall into the wrong hands.

The good thing about Interacinvestor is that it has used measures and policies that can minimize the risks. I was glad to see that the brokerage keeps clients’ funds segregated, which reduced the chances of misappropriation.

I was also asked to verify my account at in accordance with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

The website also has a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, which adds another layer of security. Plus, it was also good to know that all data shared with Interacinvestor is kept fully encrypted, which means outsiders cannot gain access to it.

The customer support

Perhaps the feature that sealed the deal for me was the customer support that Interacinvestor has put together. I had a ton of questions because everything was new to me and their support staff responded promptly to my emails.

They do not expect you to wait for days for an answer and are quick to get back to you.

Customer support was available 24/5 and I got clear and helpful responses instead of vague and unhelpful answers. They also have an FAQ section, which also proved to be convenient because it had answers to many of the basic questions I had.


It is evident that Interacinvestor is an excellent brokerage for anyone who is new to the world of trading and they have added all the right features needed to ensure that beginners can have a good trading experience.

They have put together a good platform and provide the resources that will allow you to generate high returns in the financial markets via online trading.