Top 10 Tips for Internet Marketing Dummies

Do you ever feel that everyone but you is making money off the internet? Marketing on the web is a brand new practice, and as such, has its own arena of terms, definitions, and practices.

To help you get a handle on the basics, we have gathered the top 10 tips for internet marketing dummies.

1. Pay Per Click – The concept of PPC is that you get paid if anyone clicks on an ad on your site, blog, etc., you get paid.

If your website has a decent bit of traffic, these clicks can really add up.

Best of all, sites that get loads of traffic often have advertisers contact them about ad space.

2. Cost Per Click – The CPC is directly related to that of the above. Cost per click for you, the internet marketer is sought to be as high as possible.

Because it is so important, researching the CPC is a good idea for anyone looking to make internet money through advertising.

3. Cost Per Thousand – Often referred to as a CPM, this ad generates revenue every 1,000 times it is clicked.

If anticipating getting this many clicks on your ad, check out if going for a CPM rate is better than the above.

4. Click-Through Rate – Just because you have loads of visitors to your site doesn’t mean you have loads of click onto your ads.

The CTR gives users the percentage of how many times an ad was clicked divided by how many times it was shown.

5. SEO – Good old Search Engine Optimization is so popular, entire professions are built around it.

A good SEO means that search engines like Google will bring up your site whenever someone hits a related search term into it.

Getting the help of experts like seo services in London is however important if you want to do all this in a good strategical way.

6. Pop-ups – While having a pop-up, or a window that literally “pops up” when visitors click on your site, may sound like a good idea, it isn’t.

Many users can be instantly turned off by pop-ups and redirect their visit elsewhere.

7. Keep it simple – Keeping in sync with the above, make your site or blog easy to read and understand.

Prompting them to register or sign up for your newsletter can drive away more people than it brings in.

8. Traffic – No matter how engaging your site can be, it will fall flat if no one visits it.

To help get and maintain web traffic, there are four main ways: search engines, social media, web bookmarking, and web branding efforts.

9. Bulk email – The sort of junk mail of the internet world, those looking to market their site can often pay others to send out emails on their behalf.

If doing so, make sure the emails are short, concise, and have a catchy subject line to ensure that your link gets clicked on.

10. Exchange – With all the web marketing out there, you have loads of options when it comes to traffic generation, including traffic exchanges.

They can help you get more visitors, and many even offer the service at no charge.