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Invxsler Review

Invxsler logoInvxsler is a new luxury brokerage platform providing its services for the last three years. Since the launch of this platform, it has grown at a surprising speed, and now it is providing its services in more than 140 countries of the world. In this Invxsler review, I will tell in detail about the amazing features which have become the reason for this broker’s success.

Invxsler is a UK-based trading platform that provides trading and investing services for multiple asset classes which means it is a good option for every trader. The company has claimed on its website that its priority is to provide a marvelous trading environment to its traders. They also claim that they have prioritized the satisfaction of the customer by providing advanced security. Along with foolproof security, they protect customers’ trades with good leverage and tight spreads.

With its advanced trading services and affordable luxury features, it has remained successful in attracting thousands of clients recently. When you open the website of Invxsler, you will observe that this is a very solid and serious broker. Luxury brokers follow a different set of standards as compared to budget brokers. Due to this reason, they require to introduce low-key features, which make them less interesting for traders. But serious and professional clients know that looks don’t matter and the broker should fit the bill. But as I mentioned in the beginning, Invxsler is a luxury broker, which means that you will not have to compromise on anything.

For some brokers, it proves tough to fill all the gaps at the same time. Conveying everything to clients in time, enticing to the website, and remaining professional while securing the traders’ money as well is a difficult combination. It is very common for average brokers to fail in one or two factors completely or partially. But Invxsler is completely different because it manages everything smoothly and flawlessly. The website is a treat for the eyes and user-friendly, which means that you will adjust to the environment in no time. In addition to this, the platform is toned down, without dynamic aspects that jump out at clients as if begging for their attention. The broker produces a strong first impression on the minds of traders, and the theme hits right at the target.

The brokers working in the online trading market can easily be divided into two groups to understand them easily. The first group consists of trusted brokers who have succeeded in winning the hearts of traders. The brokers of this group offer marvelous services and never compromise on customers’ satisfaction. Invxsler falls into this group due to its unparalleled services and features. The second group consists of brokers, which are the exact opposites of the first group brokers. These brokers underestimate security features; hence they are unreliable and often prove a reason for the loss. The careers of many traders have been ruined by this type of broker. Knowing this, you have to distinguish between good brokers and bad brokers before signing up; otherwise, you could also end up losing your money. If you do so, then you will have ease of mind because your money and information will be secured.

Invxsler website

For beginners, it is not easy to decide whether a broker is legit or wolf in disguise as a lamb. If you are also a beginner, then you don’t need to worry because, in this review, I will share every detail about this broker. Invxsler has a 4.5 rating on famous review websites, and every user praises its features. A trader who uses its services once never goes to another broker again. Despite being a new broker, Invxsler has still managed to provide awesome services, which have forced the traders to stick to this broker. You will not be successful in finding any other broker like this because a technologically advanced broker like this one is rarely seen in this market. Invxsler regularly updates its software, including tools and features, which is why you will never face any problem if you sign up with this broker.

Now, I am going to take you to the next portion of this review, in which I will give you detailed information on every feature one by one. Hundreds of features make Invxsler popular, but I will try to cover the most important one first. The most important feature, according to my experience, which holds all other features together, is the trading platform. So, first of all, I am going to tell you about the trading platform of Invxsler.

Up-To-Date Trading Platform

Beginner traders are the people who are in more need of guidance because they lack the skills and expertise required to decide how good a broker is. This review will prove more beneficial for newbies because it will help them to stay away from making mistakes and wrong decisions. The importance of a trading platform cannot be denied. It is a compulsory and indispensable requirement for trading in the online trading market. Those people who take it for granted often face a loss at the early stages of their trading careers. If you want a smooth and profitable trading career, then you should accept the importance of a trading platform and choose it reasonably.

Some people don’t know what a trading platform is and how it is helpful for traders. A trading platform is a software that executes commands related to trading and provides various tools which help and save traders’ time. Another function of this software is to generate accurate and error-free analysis reports for traders. Good trading platforms try to keep their clients updated with all the news and market trends which can prove beneficial for them.

A trading platform works like a digital office for traders designed by your broker. As people want their offices to be convenient for them, the same way traders like a platform which becomes a helping hand for them. Everyone wants a workplace that looks eye-catching and brings comfort. A platform that possesses these qualities helps traders to manage trades effectively. If we look at the other side of the coin, a platform that is unorganized and dull creates uneasiness in traders, and their trades also get affected by it. With this type of virtual office, trading seems difficult and boring. This is the reason why you are being advised to select a broker which provides a responsive, well-organized, and fast trading platform.

If you intend to have a remarkable trading experience, then you should choose a trading platform that is fast and energetic. In the world of online trading, speed is directly proportional to profits. Speedy trading platforms help to trade in live time, and in this way, no opportunities are missed out. But if unfortunately, you link to a sluggish trading platform, it will push you back, and you will not be able to avail yourself of opportunities. Many trading platforms are slower than the required speed, which is why traders face plenty of unexpected errors. This problem leads to many other problems as well, and the profit percentage is decreased significantly.

The trading of Invxsler is fast enough to handle multiple trades at a single time. While designing this platform, the broker has taken care of every detail. The needs of every trader are not the same. Some traders want comfort, while others want security. Due to this reason, Invxsler has kept its platform multidimensional and flexible. The versatility of this platform allows brokers to attract more customers than their counterparts and then satisfyingly accommodates them. Among all these features, its user-friendliness cannot be ignored. On every step, you will notice that the broker has tried his best to provide ease of access to its clients.

The last feature regarding the trading platform of Invxsler is that it is accommodative and movable. We live in a fast-moving world in which we can travel thousands of kilometers overnight. For businessmen, it is not possible to stay at a place for a longer time. Keeping an eye on this problem, Invxsler has made its platform portable. It has ensured portability by making it compatible with every type of device. It works the same way on every device because of the matatrader4 used by the broker. Not just the laptops but mobiles can also handle this software easily. By providing so many features, Invxsler has proved that it is better than other available options.

Invxsler trading platform

Educational Features Of Invxsler

The provision of educational features is a significant sign of a broker’s care about its clients. It makes sure that its traders are well informed about market news and the tricks and techniques being used in the market. For this purpose, a broker must possess useful and well-designed educational material, software, and features. The education section of Invxsler is doing this duty very well as it is available for every trader even if he is registered with any other broker. But the complete access to the education center is only given to registered users. The material which is available on the website includes videos, e-books, and articles. Webinars are also conducted every week to train the clients and make them able to earn money.

Trading Conditions

Here, at Invxsler, you can enjoy top-tier trading. It has no additional fees at all, and the spreads are also very tight. It ensures that traders are given top-tier prices which are not offered by other brokers. The leverage, although it varies according to the account type, is up to 1:100 allows traders to avail themselves of every opportunity they see. Although it is a bit risky, it is worth it if it pays off in at least half of the attempts. Invxsler emphasizes variety in every service, especially in trading instruments and trading accounts. I will discuss these two as well in this review.

The other conditions created by Invxsler are also great such as the MetaTrader4 mentioned above. The firm has also ensured the popular feature of social trading. The broker has excellent funding options which ensure interruption-free trading sessions. You will face no issue related to depositing or withdrawing money from your account at any time of the day. And above all, the assets selection links everything together and ensures that no matter you are a newbie or an experienced trader, you are welcome on this platform.

Trading Instruments

All the major trading categories are available here at the Invxsler, which means that it welcomes every type of trader. It mostly deals in CFDs, providing contracts on multiple trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies and commodities. The variety of trading instruments and the number of assets ensure that you can always choose top-tier products. The trading instruments available on Invxsler are stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and forex. In these trading instruments, hundreds of assets are available from which you can choose as many as you want. For example, in cryptocurrency, you can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple at the same time.

Security And Preventions

Invxsler strongly believes that the security of traders’ money and information is the responsibility of brokers. This is why it has done everything which a broker can do to safeguard its clients. It uses segregated accounts so that the firm’s own money remains in separate accounts and never mixes with traders’ funds. Secondly, it uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure the security of information belonging to its clients. Thirdly it has implemented a combination of two vital security policies as well. The first policy known as KYC ensures that no criminal enters the platform by making every trader submit proof of identity. The second policy, known as AML, is used to stop any possible kind of money laundering.

Invxsler strongly believes in customer privacy and makes the maximum effort to secure the data collected from traders. Invxsler requires some data from traders to strengthen the security. This data includes photographs of ID cards or passports, credit card information, and bank statement. This data is collected as a preventive measure.

Trading Accounts

As I stated above that Invxsler has tried its best to provide as many options and variety as it could. This is the only way to satisfy every trader; otherwise, only one kind of trader gets satisfied. Although this broker has provided diversity in every aspect when it comes to trading accounts, it provides special variety. It has created seven different types of accounts for its traders with different features and different investment requirements. These accounts are tier-based, and the features of one account are added to the next. These accounts are named Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium, and VIP accounts.

Bronze Account: This is the first account type which is why it offers only basic types of features. This is the most affordable account as well as it can be opened by depositing only 250 dollars. This account offers only basic features such as educational material and trading assets.

Silver Account: After the Bronze account comes the Silver account, which is its updated form. Its initial deposit limit increases, but it provides some additional features such as market reviews, a risk-free trade, and access passes of webinars.

Gold Account: While the previous two accounts are made for beginners, this account is made for traders who have some experience in the related field. The minimum limit of the initial deposit is increased to 25 thousand dollars. The feature I liked the most about this account is that traders are provided with a personal assistant.

Platinum Account: those traders who have tried their luck in online trading successfully and want to upgrade to the next level should consider this account. This account can be owned by depositing at least 50 thousand dollars. The mentionable features of this account are three risk-free trades and access to multiple trading rooms free of cost.

Diamond Account: This account is the most favorite type of account of professional traders. The initial deposit limit of this account is 100 thousand dollars. This is a customizable account, and traders set it as they like. A manager is provided to these traders, and a specialist analyst monitors the growth regularly.

Premium Account: This is an expensive account of Invxsler, which can only be opened after depositing 250k dollars minimum. In return, the traders are provided with some luxury features such as exclusive market updates, premium algorithmic trading, and provision of all the educational material.

VIP Account: The most advanced account offered by Invxsler is the VIP account. This account consists of all the features provided in upper mentioned six accounts. Along with those features, some other features are also given, such as a dedicated account specialist, exclusive trading assets, and a premium account manager. This account requires an initial deposit of 500k dollars.


Invxsler knows how to satisfy customers and which features should be prioritized. Multiple features make it a great option for every trader, and the tight security protocols ensure their safety. When you put together all its features, you get a broker which provides a smooth and unmatched experience. To wrap up this review, I would recommend you to give this broker a chance.