Israel Figa: Learnt everything with hard work, passion, interest and proved Excellency

To be a successful businessman in this competitive world, there is no need to achieve high degrees and top education spending a lot of money.

There are many guides and methods to follow with interest and apply ideas to excel in the field.

Today, most people and students prefer business schools to shine their career and advance in life.

This was quite not so popular in the previous years to be a real-life businessman.

Israel Figa

Exactly, the same goes with Israel Figa who attained a Master’s Degree in Economics and began profession for the livelihood as an economist.

He started with one of the banking and financial services corporations in Europe and achieved different positions in most of the global banks in Europe to your surprise.

Today, this dashing personality is the CEO of the 24X7 trade company which is the most leading and well-renowned company of the UK and USA.

Basically, the shipping and cargo industry in the present economy is soaring to heights as most of the trade depends on import and export domestically and internationally.

Based on it, the shipping industry is held responsible for transporting the finished goods and the raw materials to their proper destination for business.

Born to immigrants in the US, Israel Figa was a studious kid from his childhood days.

He is the icon and a respectable image that delivers responsible for all the international shipments to be delivered within 72 hours to their destination and domestic shipment within or less than 24 hours.

The major destinations are Africa and Asia, where lots of business takes place when compared to other places