JPMorgan Seeks To Hire Crypto Experts To Expand Cryptocurrency-Related Services

One of the world’s most popular, well-known and widely used banks, JPMorgan Chase, recently made it known that it would be supporting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As such, the bank has now implemented a plethora of new crypto-related services and positions and also has plans of expanding these services into the consumer and merchant space.

JPMorgan Chase is a multinational investment bank, and much like PayPal and Goldman Sachs, it had become supportive of cryptocurrencies after witnessing the continued success of the industry and how dominant it had become over the years. To that end, the bank has opened several vacancies for potential employees that may possess cryptocurrency-related experience. More specifically, the bank is particularly interested in individuals who have experience in both the Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) markets. As of right now, the bank has 34 positions currently waiting to be filled for its new cryptocurrency department, which will include a wide variety of people such as blockchain engineers and product managers.

Vacancies can be filled worldwide

The listed vacancies provide an overall sense as to what the bank’s future vision could be with regard to cryptocurrencies in general. Moreover, these positions shall be made available for individuals all over the world, with the listings being based in countries such as Singapore, Mexico, Greece, and the United States.

Needless to say, this is a big step for the bank as its interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies continues to expand. Although JPMorgan Chase may have been a bit hesitant to support the industry at first, it could eventually no longer deny the success being exhibited by cryptocurrencies, and so it now views the market as being a legitimate and genuine asset class.

Additionally, regarding Bitcoin’s recent struggling performance, the bank had stated that the flagship cryptocurrency’s momentum might be in jeopardy and may continue to falter even further. It went on to claim that Ethereum will most likely outperform Bitcoin as far as the long term may be concerned.

Many finally joining in on the crypto craze

With the bank expanding its support for cryptocurrency, one could make the argument that the world is indeed changing as we continue to make the eventual shift towards full digitalization.

Payment processing companies such as Visa and PayPal joining in and offering crypto-related services is very telling of the fact that no one wants to be left out as the cryptocurrency craze takes the world by storm. Visa, in particular, had been quite anti-cryptocurrency in the past, but it had recently changed its stance after gaining some new perspective.