Kickstarter to Face Backlash from Community Over Partnership with DeFi Project Celo

Kickstarter is an online funding platform where artists and creators gather to showcase their work and gather funds for their projects. The platform recently announced taking up a native DeFi project called the Celo. However, the mere introduction of the new decentralized platform has sparked a wave of antagonism among the community members.

The Celo network plans to be a decentralized, open-sourced project that offers users to interact with mobile applications on a publically run blockchain. According to the management of Kickstarter, the new project is going to allow creative people from every part of the world to share their artwork with the world and participate in crowdfunding projects from anywhere.

Environmental Impact of Celo

Celo is a mobile-application-based decentralized blockchain that uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus model. It seems that the idea of blockchain technology is quite novel to the community members of Kickstarter. Several users and account holders of Kickstarter have taken to social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit to complain and protest the new blockchain undertaking.

Jeeyon Shim is a game developer from Korea who claims that he was heartbroken hearing about the news of the Celo and Kickstarter partnership. Another Kickstarter user named Elizabeth Hargrave recently posted that since the new DeFi project is going to cause environmental damage, she does not want to be part of the community.

The community members of Kickstarter need to realize the difference between operating power and pollution output by PoW and PoS consensus model. Brain-Li is one of the developers of the Celo-core program. Commenting on the project, he claimed that it is not fair for the Kickstarter community member to measure the entire DeFi space with the same ruler.

He further explained that Celo uses a PoS consensus model that does not have a very heavy hardware requirement. Other socializing platforms like Ubisoft and Discord have also faced backlash from their local community members for proposing the idea of NFT inclusion. Kickstarter management has not responded to the widespread backlash and is working on a whitepaper publication that will cover the inner workings of the project in detail.