Leading Companies From Crypto Valley Have Gained Over 680% In Value Since Last Year

Swiss-based crypto ecosystem Crypto Valley has maintained a steep growth despite the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic, with its top companies managing to secure around $200 Billion in less than a year’s time, resulting in an almost staggering 680% increase in value. This is a huge achievement for Crypto Valley, showing that their workforce has worked hard in maintaining the economic stability of the company.

Crypto Valley moves forward

A report from Venture Capital showed that the increase in the value of Crypto Valley has had a massive increase reaching around $37 Billion in mid of 2020 and then climbing a huge step, securing around $250 Billion till the month of February in 2021. Furthermore, the report also mentioned an increase of 4% in the number of blockchain firms and the number of hired workforce reaching 5,184 employees.

Crypto Valley has also invested in support of 11 Crypto giants, including Cardano, Ethereum, Cosmos, and many others, reaching an overall value of around a massive $1 Billion.

CEO of Venture Capital from Crypto Valley, Mathias Ruch, has expressed his gratefulness for how the companies have managed to keep the system stable throughout the deadly pandemic. There were definitely fears crawling around due to the increase in COVID cases potentially hindering progress, but after observing the positive trend of the company, CEO Ruch is confident about the performance of the company, showing signs of optimism towards the progress.

Swiss Government support

Crypto Valley has always been a great hub for crypto trading and many other activities, mainly due to minimal restrictions from the Swiss government. These minimal restrictions have enabled Switzerland to build a foundation of an extremely powerful crypto blockchain ecosystem boosting the value of systems like Crypto Valley. This is an extremely positive step by the Swiss government, which has released that cryptocurrency may be the future of conducting transactions with the huge increase in crypto popularity.

In the fall of 2020, the Swiss government issued a statement in which Swiss-based citizens will be able to pay up to $110,000 worth of taxes by using Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies which is huge for the crypto market. This also shows the swiss government being interested o the advancement of digital transactions, enabling any type of payment to be easily accepted.