LionTree CEO Claims that the Crypto Market has Become Impossible to Ignore due to Increased Wall Street Exposure

The cryptocurrency market at its peak was sitting around $2.7 trillion in 2021. It is needless to reiterate that such type of money-generating source is impossible to ignore. The chairperson and CEO of LoinTree, Aryeh Bourkoff, seem to agree with the idea. He recently claimed in an open letter about the growing potential of the NFT markets.

He used the example of ConstitutioDAO that sent the request for purchasing an NFT featuring the American constitution. Bourkoff claimed that technologies like NFT are going to empower the economy and become a way for artists to share ideas without boundaries. He further explained that cryptocurrencies are taking financial autonomy and independence to the next level.

Reflecting on the criticism from many crypto critics, Bourkoff commented in his letter that it is important that cryptocurrency giants and organizers prioritize the green-energy initiative. During his letter, he noted that the Ethereum token requires more energy per transaction than average household consumption. He claimed that cryptocurrency innovators need to address the issue first.

He claimed that his bank is looking at new ways to make cryptocurrencies useful and increase the efficiency of the current financial infrastructure. He also opined that digital assets had become a way for the inclusion of the female gateway into the financial and technology sector at the grassroots level.

Speaking on the matter of the clash of decentralized and centralized financial operators, Bourkoff claimed that it is important that government pick up the slack for crypto regulations. Recently, LoinTree has managed to facilitate brokering between companies like MGM Studios and Amazon absorption, as well as the acquisition of WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc.

He opines that the central governments have no choice but to adapt to the rapidly changing financial atmosphere around the globe. Recently, financial markets analytics EY revealed that one in four hedge fund managers are considering adding more cryptocurrencies for portfolio diversification during the next year. Furthermore, 20% of the institutional investors also seem to sway in the same direction.