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MarketSpots Review

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Many people have seen that the trading market has quite rapidly seen an influx of traders over the course of recent times, and this is a result of how profitable the market has gotten recently. And because traders need brokers to step into the trading market, a lot of brokerage firms have been established so that they can accommodate the huge amount of traders. MarketSpots is one of those brokers, but it is very distinct from the rest, and you will find out how in this MarketSpots review, as it will highlight the features and qualities that have helped make MarketSpots the favourite option of traders.

Something that has really helped the online trading world to improve is the incorporation of technology into the platforms used for trading. This has allowed many brokers to provide quality service to their customers, as the process of connecting them to financial markets has gotten easier, and trading is not as difficult as it once used to be. In modern-day trading, all you need is an internet connection and a device, and you can get started with your trading career. These two things are crucial, and the rest depends on the brokerage firm that you choose because the really good ones provide their users with a lot of relief whilst trading.

So yes, like I had said that the market has many brokers which are existing for the sole purpose of providing traders with the proper channel to access markets and have successful trades. So ultimately, it is up to you to choose a broker that is worthy and good at its job. But the problem is that many people underestimate how hard it is to find a good broker. Since trading has become successful, the number of brokers has increased, and this has confused the trader when it comes to searching for a good broker. You will realize this when you browse through the many options, and the main reason for it being confusing is that all brokers seem to sell the same services.

So no matter which broker you choose, it has to be a good one. What is meant by a good broker? Well, you may have heard of the rising concern of the market not being a safe place to trade, and this had started because of scammer companies and hackers being present and stealing money from users. Therefore, when you look for a broker, one aspect that makes it a good broker is if it is secure for you to work with. The platform needs to be able to provide you with safety and protection against any harm.

Then there are many other features too that differentiate between a good and a bad broker. These features can vary from services to account types to how they treat their customers. But as I have gone through this, I can tell you that features such as safety, variety of options, good customer support, and others are very necessary and a platform that has all of these helps to decide if a broker is good or not. So you will come across those brokers who promise such services but are not able to deliver, but there are also good brokers, and from my personal experience MarketSpots is one of the good brokers.

Whereas most brokerage firms are more business-oriented and want to focus on making a lot of money, MarketSpots has decided to prioritize its customers. Therefore, all the services that MarketSpots offers are directly aligned with the customer’s needs and satisfaction, and so far, it has succeeded in achieving its objective. So in this review, you will get the chance to find out which features of MarketSpots make it an ideal broker.

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Best Broker For Forex Trading

You might have heard of the word Forex many times, as this is one of the most talked-about topics in the trading world. It is the word that has been created by combining the two words foreign and exchange. People refer to it in many ways, such as FX or even currency trade. So why do people talk about the forex market a lot? Well, amongst the many different markets which are present within the trading world, the forex market is one of the top markets. It is the most successful and profitable market, and that is why every trader aspires to be able to trade in it.

You may wonder what the forex market consists of? In this market, traders get the chance to buy and sell a currency at the same time, and this helps generate a lot of profits because it comes from the gap that is between the exchange rates. But you have to keep in mind that the forex market is a very volatile asset, just like others. The best way to deal with this is if you make decisions in a quick yet wise manner.

Another thing to keep in mind about forex trading is that traders can only choose certain pairs of currency to exchange. This basically means that traders do not have the liberty to choose the two currency pairs they want to exchange. The good thing is that MarketSpots is a broker which is the best and on the top for forex trading. As a trader, this is an amazing thing to hear as many brokers are not so good at providing their users with the best chance to make profits in the market. But with MarketSpots being the top broker for forex trading, you get to experience many benefits. You will get the chance to trade more than 60 currency pairs, and this is a very surprising thing as such a huge range is usually not seen amongst the brokers. You should also know that not a lot of brokers are able to provide their customers with this many options, and that restricts a broker from exploring their options.

At MarketSpots, you will come across many options, but here are some of the currency pairs you should know about to get an idea, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. MarketSpots also allows its users to access the forex market all day and that too five days a week. This way, users are not limited to a time-constrained trading experience. Rather, they have the freedom to choose the time that suits them best. Although users will not get to access the market during the weekends, they can still make the most out of it during the weekdays, and this way, you can make lots of profits.

CFD Trading At MarketSpots

Another really good thing about MarketSpots is that it is the top option for CFD trading as well. The term CFD stands for Contract For Difference, and this is a feature that lets traders exchange assets but without having to buy or sell them with funds that are their own. Many people get confused about the process of CFD and how it is beneficial for traders? Unlike actual trading, where you have to use your funds to buy and sell assets, all you have to do is sign a contract. This contract includes the asset you are going to trade and the broker who is going to be involved. As soon as the contract expires, you get all the profit that you had made during the time, or you have to pay the amount which has been lost, and both factors depend on the value of the asset in the market.

With MarketSpots, you will get the chance to implement CFD trading for all the assets that are present on the platform, and this also includes forex. If you are interested in expanding your trading portfolio and you want to diversify your trading investments, then CFD trading is the best option. This way, you will be able to invest in various assets and, in the end, receive all the due profit. If you choose to trade CFDs, then you get the chance to use margins, and this is a great feature as it means whatever the complete cost of assets is, you do not have to pay all of it. Instead, you get the liberty to just pay a fraction of the entire cost.

All your trades with CFD will be instant, and you can execute them really quickly. Another great thing is that traders can trade CFDs 24 hours a day, but only five days a week. But there is something you should remember, that although CFD seems like such a good option for making a profit, you have to be careful because if the value for your assets decreases, then you suffer the consequences. This would essentially mean that your losses increase rather than your profits, and it is not always something that traders can manage.

So always be careful with the choices you make and make the most out of your options in trading.

MarketSpots Provides ETF Feature For Trading

Now, this is a very rare occurrence that brokers provide users with the ETF trading feature. This is because most brokers choose not to provide the ETF feature if they are already providing the CFD trading one, and once again, this is a feature that is rarely provided on platforms. ETF is the short word used for Exchange-traded Funds, and this is nearly the same as mutual funds.  This is a feature that allows users to trade many different securities, and that includes stocks and this way, they can continue trading all day long. But this is the good thing about ETF trading, which mutual funds do not include because, with mutual funds, your trading is brought to an end as soon as the day ends, whereas, with an ETF, you can continue.

Also, MarketSpots is a really good broker when it comes to this feature as it allows its users to trade many different trading instruments. Two of these that have been discussed are CFDs and ETFs, and this is something that allowed MarketSpots customers to grow as traders, to experience different types of trading, and to broaden their portfolios.

MarketSpots ETF trading

Some Other Assets Present At MarketSpots

You have seen that MarketSpots specializes in both forex trading and CFD trading but keep in mind that if you choose to work with this broker, you will get the chance to explore trading many other trading instruments too. The platform provides its users with tradeable assets that are more than 300, and some of the options are commodities, bonds, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and indices. You will also get to use really go leverage rates that are applicable on all of the assets.

If you choose to trade commodities, then you can choose from copper, gold, natural gas, and other options too. In the same way, you will find many options for assets for stocks, cryptocurrency, indices, and others.  So there is a very wide variety of assets on the MarketSpots platform, and this is one of the best features because it means that even if you have an interest in other trading assets, you do not need to sign up at multiple platforms because all of them are present on MarketSpots already. This saves time, money, and effort.

MarketSpots Trading Platform

When choosing a broker, you have to think about the trading platform that is provided by a broker, as this plays a significant role in what your trading career and experience would be like. The trading platform is also the major factor that contributes to the type of environment you will be involved in. Why is a good trading platform crucial? The simplest answer to this is because as a trader, you are bound to spend a lot of the time on the platform for trading. Therefore, the quality of the trading platform should be up to your standards, and the features of it too.

There are brokers who choose to provide users with platforms that are downloadable, while others choose browser-based platforms. This shows that brokers vary in many ways, including the type of platform that they provide. MarketSpots has chosen the web-based browser for its trading platform, and many traders prefer this because it is the easiest and simplest type. Another good thing about platforms accessible through the web is that you just need a device that can connect to the internet. This way, you are not required to download or install multiple programs. But instead, you are provided with the simplest means to access the trading platform.

Users of MarketSpots will also get the chance to use various trading tools, and these include market signals, trading orders, and many other tools too. Another really good thing about MarketSpots is that it has chosen to incorporate the most user-friendly interface, as it is the feature that lets traders navigate the site really easily. This way, you will not have to face any technological complexities, nor will your time be wasted with confusing features, and you can trade in the simplest ways.

One-click trading is also a feature that comes with the trading platform, and this has been very successful as it has helped many traders to partake in lots of trades that too in a very short time. This feature is one of the best ones in the trading market because it allows traders to multitask and not worry because trades are automatically being executed. But that is not all, because users can opt for the downloadable application if that is more convenient. The MarketSpots trading app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but you would need storage space on the devices. Sometimes downloading applications can also slow down the speed, so if you do not prefer that, then you can access the platform through the web.

Security For Your Funds

Having to make deposits and withdrawing money is a regular thing when you are a trader. This includes using the account on the platform for the transactions, and that is the account that is like a bank account. This is the account that is in charge of storing your funds, and that is why traders are very concerned about the safety that a broker provides for them. While choosing a broker, be sure to check out the security policies, as storing funds at a platform that is not secure will only harm your career.

This is why MarketSpots is once again a really good broker as it has implemented lots of security policies, just so that the platform is secure for traders and they can feel comfortable while trading. When a broker is regulated, it is a good sign because it means that it is monitored by legal authorities and that it would be held accountable if anything were to happen. It also erases any doubt of the broker being a scam. This is why users of MarketSpots have to cooperate with the AML and KYC policies because both of these ensure that no suspicious or illegal activity can be done on the platform. MarketSpots also has segregated accounts for its customers, and this is a good thing because your funds will never be mixed or accessible by the broker; therefore, no misuse of funds is possible.


I think it is safe to say that MarketSpots is a really good broker. It is a company that has made sure to create services that would allow traders to be successful out there in the market. So if you are serious about making it big and earning a lot of profits, then check out MarketSpots.