MSHIBA, SANTOS, and LORDA among Newly-Listed Cryptocurrencies on Binance Smart Chain

Today marks a new achievement for the cryptocurrency industry as it has managed to achieve a new target. Today, the cryptocurrency family has more than 15,000 cryptocurrencies in it. It is just today that a total of 30 cryptocurrencies have been launched into the crypto-verse, helping it achieve a new milestone.

Since the beginning of 2021, it is the Binance Smart Chain that has hosted the highest number of cryptocurrencies on its protocol. Out of the total 30 cryptocurrencies launched into the crypto-verse today, 21 have been launched through the Binance Smart Chain.

However, being launched through the Binance Smart Chain doesn’t mean that every cryptocurrency would be able to perform well. Still, the majority of the cryptocurrencies on the BSC are demonstrating positive gains since their launch.

Among these cryptocurrencies, the most recently listed cryptocurrency is MetaShiba (MSHIBA). MSHIBA has been launched as a metaverse token, and metaverse has been performing really well since the start of 2021. The adoption level of the metaverse is clear from MSHIBA’s performance in the past 24-hours. MSHIBA has reportedly grown by 381.72% in the past 24-hours. Furthermore, it has observed a growth worth 128.32% in the past 60-minutes.

Being a metaverse token, MSHIBA is highly likely to record a lot of adoption and success. As the metaverse technology is being incorporated into several digital industries, the metaverse team is confident over its performance in the upcoming days. Since its listing, MSHIB has recorded a trading volume that is worth $849,106, and it has already achieved a valuation of $6,792,416.

Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS), as the name suggests is a fan token that is not in much demand as compared to the metaverse and nonfungible tokens. Since its launch, it has recorded a 42.40% plunge in its price in the past 24-hours. As for the past 60-minutes performance, it has surged by 2.47%, bringing its price up to $13.35 per SANTOS.

One of the major factors that affect the price of the fan tokens is the matches that take place. During series and leagues, the prices of the fan tokens tend to rise, when the particular teams and clubs are in the spotlight. As of now, the trading volume observed by SANTOS is $195,858,744.

Lord Arena (LORDA) comes third on the list, which is somewhat similar to MSHIBA but it does not offer a metaverse experience. LORDA is a game-based token, which is native to the turn-based game known as Lord Arena. Since its launch, LORDA has observed a 21.35% surge in its price in the past 24-hours. However, its price has experienced a slight dip of 2.96% in the past 60-minutes. Since the launch, the trading volume observed by LORDA has been $1,150,907