Orion Protocol Develops A New Decentralized Gateway to the Cryptocurrency Market

The Orion Protocol has introduced new ways for people to gain access to the crypto market, as the company reveals its fully autonomous market builder solution.

As we all know, the overall cryptocurrency market has grown by an unbelievable margin in the last couple of years, but the problem here is that the usage of these digital currencies is still only being utilized by people who are interested in technology instead of it becoming something mainstream in the market. The reason for this might be is that the people are not aware of these digital assets enough and the regulations and complicated procedures make it very difficult for someone to gain access to the crypto market.

The Solution

The Orion Protocol is working hard to solve such kinds of issues and has plans to make entry into the crypto market a lot easier and trouble-free, bringing in a sort of global financial change. The developers at Orion just recently revealed their completely decentralized and fully automated market-marker solution that combines the liquidity from centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and swapping pools into one single location, given the title as the Orion Pool. Using the power of the ORN token and proof of Broker governance system, Orion gives traders access to centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and swapping pools on the same platform, removing the need to create several different accounts.

Gaining Trust

As for verification and authenticity, the platform has connections to traders and exchanges who already have their verifications registered, and they will be putting in the work for the user, thus removing the need for several verification stages. The Orion Platform hopes to increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies, meanwhile also reducing the risks and the difficulties faced in the market for users, enabling cryptocurrency to have a mainstream future worldwide.

Reducing Complications

Traders from around the globe can utilize the Orion Pool and the Orion terminal and perform trades smoothly and also have access to the top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and KuCoin, without having the need to face any complications such as limited access or strict regulations.