Persimmon Stock Outlook Amid Tumbling UK House Prices

  • The last few weeks have seen Persimmon’s share price crawling back.
  • UK home prices remained deteriorated in October.
  • Persimmon will announce its earnings on Tuesday.

Persimmon saw its share price crawling back within the last few days as UK home prices plunged. The stock climbed towards the 1.327p high – nearly 20% beyond its lowest mark this year. Meanwhile, it has dropped over 47% in 2022, joining the worst-performing FTSE 100 index list.

UK Home Price Drop

The United Kingdom home price extended their downside bias within the last few months as the nation’s interest rates remained elevated. Meanwhile, the average home prices plunged by 0.4% in September-October. That represented the highest drop since February last year.

Consequently, house prices plummeted from 9.8% to 8.3%. Halifax’s Kim Kinnaird stated that the housing sector experienced a substantial shock due to the mini-budget. Meanwhile, economists at Savills said that 2022 would see home prices slumping by 10% this year.

Persimmon stock price tends to respond to trends within the UK house market. It’s one of the leading house builders in the United Kingdom and earns more returns when house prices soar. The stock will next react to the company’s results on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the latest trading statement indicated that the firm completed 6.652 houses during the 2022 first-half. The firm’s revenue has plunged from 1.84 billion pounds to 1.69 billion pounds over the previous trading year. Its forward sales increased to 1.87 billion pounds.

The company confirmed that housing demand remains steady in the year’s first half, citing its low cancellations and forward sales. Nevertheless, things have shifted as the Bank of England delivered multiple rate hikes. Also, the last few months saw home prices dropping massively.

Persimmon Stock Price Prediction

The 4hr chart indicates that the stock has presented a slow revival recently. That saw PSM moving from the 1,112p low to the $1.343p high. Moreover, it has formed an ascending triangle setup. The shares also moved beyond the 50d MA, whereas the RSI climbed beyond the neutral region.

Thus, the Persimmon share price will witness a bullish breakout following its earnings. That’s according to the ascending triangle formation and the narrative that PSM seems undervalued. Such tendencies will relaunch the bearish bias.