Reuben Singh: A Real Sikh Entrepreneur

Reuben Singh – Who is he?

Most of us working as professionals must have heard about Reuben Singh. Reuben Singh is a famous entrepreneur born out of Sikh origin.

Reuben Singh was born on 20th September 1976 to Sikh parents. But, interestingly he was born in Manchester England where he was a citizen by birth. He had just not been an entrepreneur who was born to the Sikh family.

It was claimed that, as an entrepreneur he had rose to certain heights. But off late the Sikh entrepreneur had come to lime light because of the controversies that had surrounded him.

The main cause for controversy was his wealth accumulation which had no proper unaccounted for. At the same time, the Sikh entrepreneur was known for some mischievous trade dealings.

Reuben Singh – Background

As far as the background of the so called Sikh entrepreneur was concerned Reuben Singh was born in a wealthy family. The family ran a big shop which was one of the largest wholesale centers as far as Manchester was concerned. The shop was known as Sabco. However, the family had high ambitions which were related to the expansion of the business in Canada.

As far as information was made available the family had come in England during the year 1970s, and had lived in a family home. This home was situated in Poynton in Cheshire, which was a village but had rich resources.

Reuben had opened his first shop named as Miss Altitude. This shop was famous for selling girl’s accessories such as hair clips, cosmetics etc. The shop was opened in the year 1995 and was located in the Manchester Arndale Centre.

Although the shop had performed well, it had to face stiff competition in the market. This was because of a rising number of shops in similar categories which had come up soon after Miss Altitude was opened.

As per information available he had accumulated a wealth of almost £10 million in his lifetime. This was an interesting fact because at that point Reuben was also a student studying A levels in a reputed Grammer school in Manchestar.

However, as destiny had it, the shop started by Reuben was sold out for a sum of £22 million pounds. This brought his wealth down significantly, which had raised public concerns.