Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Unveils His Investment In Ethereum (ETH)

Robert Kiyosaki (a multimillionaire and the founder of Rich Dad Company and Rich Global LLC), who wrote “Rich-Dad-Poor-Dad,” recently advised his followers to deposit money in Ethereum in advance of the largest crash throughout history. Therefore, the inclusion of ETH was made into its best-selling writing as the most-preferable instrument for investment along with gold, silver, and BTC.

Kiyosaki’s warning regarding crypto-investment

Robert issued the warning on Twitter previously this week. He drew an exceedingly pessimistic estimate regarding the financial markets around the globe based on the prevailing scenario of the politics of the United States as well as Evergrande’s debt. He stated that the US authorities are putting all the blame over the Republicans regarding the problems of finance. The largest property developer of China, “Evergrande,” which is being operated in 200 cities and containing 800 projects, is out-of-money, he added. He then advised his followers to invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin, silver, and gold as he expected the largest crash of finance to be occurring in the future.

Kiyosaki is regarded for the hatred toward the fiat currencies because of their rampant inflation and favor for real estate, stocks, and precious metals to be used as a store-of-value. Formerly, he added BTC to be one among these and also propagated to make more purchases of BTC during its bearish behavior this year. Nonetheless, now, Kiyosaki has firstly discussed Ethereum and categorized it among these secure assets. There is an inclination in Ethereum’s price to move more unpredictably than does the Bitcoin’s during a short time. Nevertheless, the top cryptocurrency’s behavior is being followed by it gradually.

Stop disputing, start investing, says Kiyosaki

In Kiyosaki’s consideration, the particular asset class in which he invests does not matter. He simply wants to circumvent the downfall of fiat as well as the traditional system of finance which, according to him, is unavoidable. He expressed his feelings regarding this subject during March while appearing in an episode of his podcast focused on DeFi. There he mentioned that he had also invested in ETH. He disclosed that he likes Ethereum, Bitcoin, silver, and gold without making any exception or entering a debate to prove the more and less beneficial as do Max Keiser and Peter Schiff (regarding silver and gold). He concluded the discussion by stressing that people should buy as many above-mentioned digital assets as they can to stabilize the derailing economy.