Robert Kiyosaki Once Again Warns Investors About Upcoming Financial Catastrophe

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has assumed the position of a doomsday prophet since the beginning of the current year. The investor turn entrepreneur is known around the world for his efforts to make financial literacy more accessible for the masses. Speaking at an interview recently, Kiyosaki sounded the alarm about the increasing debt of all sovereign nations in the world.

On the other hand, he also drew the attention of his listeners to the worsening situation in Ukraine which can have a devastating economic impact on the global economy. During his talks with Jay Martin, the CEO and President of Cambridge House International Kiyosaki claimed that everything that can qualify as a bubble has an increasing potential to get busted during the upcoming economic apocalypse.

In his recent interview, Kiyosaki claimed that the citizens of the country have only recently started to feel the pinch of rising inflation. He further exclaimed that inflation is not transitory can will keep making a massive impact on the everyday lives of the masses. He further explained that he is not a fan of the system that chooses inflationary policies that make the rich richer while the poor people keep losing more money.

Kiyosaki also aired his concerns about the middle class of America. He claimed that inflation is a pandemic that plagues all humanity and he is deep concern about the constantly shrinking purchasing power of the people. He also said that he prefers to work with oil since it is used in making fertilizers and that is the main ingredient for the agriculture sector. He warned people that food prices are going to rise in the near term and the situation in supermarkets across the country can worsen.

Robert Kiyosaki Reveals his Top Picks Against Money Devaluation and Rising Inflation

When asked about his top picks for investors to ensure the best returns he nominated 3 choices. He claimed that it is best to remain bullish on a store of value commodities like Silver, Gold, and Bitcoin. According to his predictions, the US dollar is going to experience considerable turbulence during the upcoming recession period.

He further explained that he is fairly bullish on gold and it is not talking about making such payments in the form of ounces. According to the author, Gold has been known to mankind since the earliest civilization that factor in for its massive confidence among masses that cannot vain anytime soon. He added that if metals like Silver and Gold are considered the wealth from God then Bitcoin should be considered money for the people.