SHE TOLD ME- Best Adsense and Chitika Revenue Sharing Program

She told me is a fabulous site where you can just have many opportunities, other than easy money making, hand to hand.

At you can submit your favorite articles, websites, images, videos, and even your own unique contents, as scoops. This site acts as a wonderful social bookmarking site while earning you great revenues which other book marking sites do not have.

This is a best adsense revenue sharing program or site which has many benefits besides it shares exciting revenues of their Google adsense ads. Here you can earn adsense share together with chitika revenues share.

If you have  accounts on both the sites i.e. adsense and chitika you can use both of them simultaneously and earn handsome revenues by them.

How to join and use effectively as an Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

Joining Shetoldme will flood you up with great opportunities and can provide you great benefits as it is one of the best adsense revenue sharing program that pays you while giving you far more benefits. It is easy to use and easy to join.

Above all it is also free to join. It acts as a social bookmarking site for you and can introduce you with many new members and with new people and webmasters whom you are searching, for getting better contacts for your perfect blogging.

All you have to do here is just sign-up free and add your adsense publisher id. If you also use chitika which is a great ad network too, you can also add your chitika user-name in their database and wait for the results that make you more and more easy money every day.

This adsense revenue sharing program will be a great opportunity for you to make money easily, if you have something interesting and happening to share with your friends and members.

You just have to submit the URL of your sites and some small scoops (a short summary of the article on your blog). Your scoop has to be at least 200 characters and not any longer than 5,000 characters. then creates a page with the title, a description, a screen shot, and a link to the submitted website.

This way you can also use this excellent adsense revenue sharing program to add your favorite sites or favorite links and use it as your one of the best social bookmarking site.

Once your favorite site is submitted, other members can vote and comment on how well they like the site and the scoop. If a page gets a certain amount of votes, it will appear on the front page of shetoldme. On the front page, you can view the newest, daily, monthly, and yearly top-voted submissions. similar to Digg and provide effective back links

Here at you do not only make money by adsense revenue sharing program but you also have an exciting opportunity of getting very effective back links for your sites and blogs.

If you write your blog or have website for which you want to build some strong back links you can effectively do it here free of cost.

Most of the webmasters and bloggers must be aware of the popular site Digg which is one of the most important bookmarking sites. is also a similar site which uses the similar submission pattern but it makes you extra money additionally, while using it.

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