Software Firm Bots Inc. Allows Its Clients To Buy Pre-Owned Tesla Cars With DOGE

As of now, Tesla has not been able to update its payment system to accommodate Dogecoin (DOGE) for its electric cars but a blockchain-based software company has made a way to turn the meme token fans’ dream into a reality.

Bots Inc. has announced on Monday that Tesla lovers can now get their favorite brand on pre-owned status from local car dealerships paying with DOGE (Dogecoin) and other digital assets. Bots will be making the Dogecoin merchant processing services available for Tesla dealers and individuals.

Earlier in February, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would be accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment after pumping $1.5 billion to purchase the crypto market flagship asset. However, Elon Musk broke the hearts of most members of the community and investors after halting Bitcoin payments in his company amid a massive carbon footprint. Following these events, there have been speculations that the firm will start accepting Dogecoin due to the support the coin has received from the Tesla billionaire. But nothing of such has happened up till now.

DOGE was created in 2013 as a mere joke but eventually rose to stardom as the value of the coin skyrocketed due to the support thrown from top investors and big-name companies. One of the major proponents of the token is Elon Musk. Beyond his “DOGE to the Moon” campaign, he promised that his company, Space X will start accepting Dogecoin as a means of payment for its lunar mission proposed to kickstart next year.

Several fans of Elon Musk have appreciated his overwhelming support for the meme coin as many retail traders have jumped ship to the token with high hopes that the price of the token will keep pumping through the silly tweets from his Twitter page.

Recently, he supported Mark Cuban’s claim that DOGE is the strongest of all cryptos as a medium of exchange ahead of BTC, Ethereum, ADA, and other digital assets. However, the Shank Tank star generated some criticisms after announcing on Twitter that he only has Dogecoin worth $494 in his portfolio.

Though DOGE suffered more than most crypto in the market during the general price correction in May. The recovery, however, has been quite impressive having risen faster than most coins. With the current price of $0.335, the token has risen 10.82% in the last 24 hours.