Soulja Boy Has Sold 5 Tweets As NFTs Within 3 Hours

Rapper and internet personality Soulja Boy recently made headlines when he announced that he was going to be joining in on the cryptocurrency craze. He has since managed to sell five tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the span of 3 hours. He is also the first rapper to do so, but one should remember that this is not the first time that a celebrity has expressed interest in digital trading and cryptocurrency, as others like DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather have also done this in the past.

Soulja Boy makes history as he becomes the first rapper to sell tweets as NFTs

Soulja Boy had requested information from his followers via Twitter regarding the selling of tweets on March 7th. The tweet managed to get nearly 500 comments, and the rapper used this information to successfully sell five tweets as NFTs in 3 hours. It should also be noted that although NFTs have become popular in recent weeks, they have actually existed within the world of cryptocurrency for a number of years now.

His first sale had earned him a staggering $1,288 as he sold a signed copy of the aforementioned tweet. This digital representation has since moved to take its place on the Ethereum blockchain and is currently being held by whoever it was that bought it from Soulja Boy in the first place.

NFTs make a comeback as more tweets are sold on Ethereum

Following a decline from 2017-2020, it would appear that non-fungible tokens are back and here to stay. The primary difference now as compared to back then is that more mainstream market forces have expressed interest in them. This is made apparent when pieces of art have been sold for millions each. In fact, regardless of the embryonic nature of NFTs, a number of creators have managed to collectively sell art said to be worth almost $190 million.

After experiencing some success, Soulja Boy has since made it clear that he plans to make even more investments in the digital industry as time progresses. Of course, he is just one of many willing to do this, and some others include the likes of Mark Cuban and Lindsey Lohan.