Stop Prejudging – Make More Money and Close More Sales

If you’re in one-on-one sales or if you’re in network marketing, the potential client buys into you.  They have to believe in you.  If you walk in with a mindset of “I don’t believe this person has what it takes to invest in this product or service”, then they’re going to feel that.Make-More-Money

They’ll feel your non-belief.  If you are a person who loves walking into some of the snooty shopping areas of Palm Beach in your gym clothes and if the sales person judges you on your clothing and gives you an attitude, then you will surely walk right out the door.

You will not want to sow your money into bad ground.  In other words, you will not like to give away your money to someone that treats you like garbage.  That’s exactly what your potential client will be thinking in their minds too if you prejudge them.

Don’t fool yourself to think that they won’t know.  They will notice the minute that you walk into the room.  They will feel your non-belief in them, and that will dramatically cut your closing ratio down by 80 percent. You should allow everyone the opportunity to own and take advantage of your exclusive offer and to own your products.

This is one of the best ways to close more sales. Enter every sales presentation with the belief that the person in front of you is your next big sale.  It is a true fact that everyone has a champion inside him. Develop an open mind setup and grow your earnings.

How to make more money is just what everyone asks for but no one is ready to believe themselves and at the same time believe others. An open mind leads to a bountiful harvest! If you want to lead your life king size then you will have to stop prejudging people. This makes you weak and you miss the opportunities that can lead you to success.